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A challenging core exercise; a nice variation on the side bridge

This core exercise, courtesy of the American Council on Exercise, is called a Side Bridge with Star Crunch. Begin in a side plank position on your forearm. Your legs can both be extended or you can take a modified version with the bottom leg bent and knee down. Lift your top leg as you extend the top arm overhead. Begin to laterally flex your spine as you pull your top elbow towards your to...
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What gets you off the settee?

After years of encouragement from me for my Dad to exercise more he is finally getting himself off his settee and doing some specific exercises to help strengthen his back and legs. No thanks to me - oh no - it's because he's seeing a physiotherapist, a young and attractive lady he adds, who has prescribed the exercises, which happen to be almost exactly the same as the ones I gave him many mo...
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Beautiful 5k run at Nant yr Arian, Wales

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 08.52.58
One of my best runs for views a few days ago at Nant Yr Arian mountain bike trail centre. (The pic shows our boys mountain biking near the trail I ran on). I ran a 5k route, which was very well sign posted through flat paths on the steep hillsides, up a few forest slopes, and some top sections with nearly 360 degree panoramas of stunning mountains. I've been on some beautiful runs in northern ...
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Be competitive with yourself!

I was thinking this morning about how competitiveness may aid exercise adherence. The desire to better your previous performance in an activity, whether that activity is of a sporting nature or is a mental task, can be strong enough to encourage you to try harder, put more into it, or even to just do it rather than not.  You don't have to get involved in races to be competitive; I'm talking ab...
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Make a date with exercise

Making an 'appointment with exercise' could be an effective way to ensure you get your physical activity done. Planning an actual time during the day that provides a realistic time gap to fit in a run / cycle / walk / trip upstairs to your gym equipment, and writing this 'appointment' in your diary or calendar, makes the likelihood of a successful bout of activity much higher than just saying ...
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Skipping rope variations

To inject some interest and complexity into skipping rope exercise, try these moves by American Council on Exercise.  I've had a little go at them tonight, and found some of them quite difficult, but then I'm not exactly a Double Dutch girl. If you fancy a few minutes of vintage astounding skipping skills, take a peek at this Malcolm Mclaren video.  - mighty impressive fitness levels as ...
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“What’s so great about bluebells?”

"What's so great about bluebells?" my son said grumpily, on our impromptu walk after school this week. What a question! Everyone loves bluebells I told him (who doesn't?). He was a reluctant companion as I'd given him no choice - it was imperative; I had to get on a walk to see the bluebells. I'd had a busy day and I really wanted to experience the peace and beauty of the short walk up our loc...
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Age is just a number ….

When I rang my Mum and Dad yesterday evening it took longer than usual for an answer, and I was about to put the phone down when my Mum answered, panting. I felt guilty for getting her out of her chair, as she is ninety now, but she said it was okay as she's just been doing her weight training and hence was out of breath. The day before she had cycled on the turbo trainer in the garage, on her...
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and the beet goes on

  I am really happy with my new recipe book called Leon, Happy Salads by Jane Baxter and John Vincent. The picture shows my attempt at 'and the beet goes on' salad, which I had for my lunch today (with some prawns) and it was really fantastic. It is thinly sliced beetroot, carrots, red onion and radishes with a gorgeous dressing of pistachios, zest and juice of orange, garlic, chill...
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Cuts to time for physical play before school! Don’t get me started….!

After my 'hip hip hooray' tone for last week's story in my blog, about the implementation of a successful physical activity routine in Sharpness school, I have a contrary feeling about today's blog. I have just found out that the primary school my youngest attends is taking an opposite turn to that of Sharpness school and forbidding playground activity before registration. Once the school gate...
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