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H2O – high on the agenda

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I discovered this week that one of my clients drinks no water, just coffee several times a day. He feels few ill effects, but, this has been going on for years and his body seems to have adapted. His plan is to gradually introduce some water to his diet - I'm sure his body will thank him greatly, heaving a great sigh of relief. H2O, or good old water, apart from being obviously vital to lif...
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Insights into overeating, part 2

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Following on from my blog last week: Emotional eating We can overeat in response to many emotional states: sadness, stress, happiness, boredom. When we overeat for comfort it can lead to feelings of guilt and shame leading to more overeating. Overeating can also be a tactic to avoid the problems that overwhelm us. We need to address the unmet needs that trigger overconsumption. Delve...
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Insights into overeating, part 1

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Part 1 How do we stop ourselves from eating or drinking more when we know it would be best for our health or waistline if we didn’t? Willpower is not a limitless asset. It is not a very efficient tool for dealing with something that we do multiple times a day, such as eating. It has been described as “like a muscle that fatigues with continued exertion” (Baumeister 2012). Also, willpowe...
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Don’t scratch a match on the seat of your bloomers!

Don't scratch a match on the seat of your bloomers was one piece of advice given to female cyclists in 1895 (New York World), along with the equally outrageous, Don't appear to be up on 'records' or 'record smashing' - that is sporty and Don't appear in public until you have learned to ride well There was more of this serious advice along this patronising line in New York World in 1895, as...
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New at Personal Space – One to one Vinyasa Yoga

Personal Space Yoga Ashtanga
This is Rowan Owen - Yoga instructor, who will be available at Personal Space from next week offering one to one Vinyasa Yoga lessons on Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Yes, she is upside down, but normally she goes about upright! Here is Rowan's answer to the question What is Vinyasa Yoga? 'To place in a special way', simply by linking movement with breath. Be it sitting down on our ma...
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Charging around on my scooter, a Christmas present from attentive husband, is bringing lactic acid to my thighs on a daily basis. It's been great fun scooting to the shops, to school, and to work from the Downs and has really exercised my legs with even short journeys. On flat ground, after about ten pushes I need to switch legs to recover. I never realised what effort is required to play o...
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. 2018. Time for change? I hope you have had a very happy Christmas and feel optimistic about the year ahead. Are there any habits you have formed that are not ideal for promoting best health? This week could be a good time to sit down and think through these unhelpful habits and prioritise behavioural changes to enhance your well being. I think breaking negative habits can...
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Fantastic back stretcher and massager gift idea

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? How about a back stretcher like the one I am draped over above. We have had this one for many years, as suggested to us by an osteopath friend, to stretch and massage the spine. I have actually just spotted this very one on Ebay for £10.50 - bargain. It's called the Ultimate Rolastretcher, 10-rung beech back stretcher. I can vouch for the claims it makes to s...
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Exercise preserves cognitive functions

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An article in the most current Fitness Journal (Idea Health & Fitness Association) claims that overwhelming research shows that cognitive function in old age reflects how people live: nutrition, stress, environment, physical activity, relationships and individual views on ageing play a role. Recent advances in neuroscience suggest that ageing adults retain their ability to improve neural n...
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Wake up and smell the coffee

A client decided to cut down on sugar in his coffee, and has been so successful at this that I wanted to ask him a few questions and share his answers with you. His answers are in blue. How long have you been having sugar in your coffee? Since I was a teenager, thirty years ago! How much sugar were you having in each cup? Up until last year, three heaped white sugars H...
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