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I love it when this happens!

My favourite moment of this week was my client telling me about an awareness of increased strength that came about during a movement she's been avoiding due to pain. A painful shoulder caused by a tennis injury some years ago has meant that my client (I'll give her the name of Geraldine) has been avoiding lifting heavy things. Geraldine has been coming to see me for about six weeks and working...
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So tell me what you want, what you really, really want

South African long jumper Luvo Manyonga won gold at the World Athletics Championships in London this week, after having turned his life around from drug addiction. It is an inspiring story. Addicted to crystal meth and living in an impoverished township he has managed to transform himself into a world champion. This could motivate us all, to think that we can achieve a complete turnaround in o...
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labour saving or life limiting technology?

Labour-saving devices in the modern age are slowly but surely making us use less energy to live our lives, and the slow creep might lead to us never having to lift a finger again. What will techno buffs think of next to help us conserve our calories? On reflection have the following really good ideas benefited us in the long term? Electric windows in cars - ahh, remember the good old days w...
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Are we sitting ourselves to an early grave?

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.01.16
This title is taken from a radio 4 programme I heard yesterday (8:30pm) which discussed the idea that our working lives today are much less active than 30 years ago and are part of the reason for high rates of obesity. Statistics on food consumption show that although we spend more in real terms on our food today (eating out much more) than 30 years ago there is a large deficit in total calori...
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Milk – which type is best?

personal trainer, bristol
There are many plant based milks on the market today, such as almond, soya, oat and coconut. I read an interesting comparison of these milks to cow's milk, and discovered happily that we are drinking the one that suits us best in terms of fat content and protein. Everyone is different though, and even if you are not intolerant of cow's milk there are other reasons why you might prefer plant...
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How to drink less wine!

My client gave me the inspiration to write this little blog. Last week, she came up with an idea to help her reduce the amount of wine consumed during an evening. (She is not a heavy drinker, she just wants to cut down on her current level). Her idea : to commence drinking wine only once the meal has begun, and no more after the meal is finished. How simple is that? I have used her tip this...
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A challenging core exercise; a nice variation on the side bridge

This core exercise, courtesy of the American Council on Exercise, is called a Side Bridge with Star Crunch. Begin in a side plank position on your forearm. Your legs can both be extended or you can take a modified version with the bottom leg bent and knee down. Lift your top leg as you extend the top arm overhead. Begin to laterally flex your spine as you pull your top elbow towards your to...
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What gets you off the settee?

After years of encouragement from me for my Dad to exercise more he is finally getting himself off his settee and doing some specific exercises to help strengthen his back and legs. No thanks to me - oh no - it's because he's seeing a physiotherapist, a young and attractive lady he adds, who has prescribed the exercises, which happen to be almost exactly the same as the ones I gave him many mo...
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Beautiful 5k run at Nant yr Arian, Wales

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 08.52.58
One of my best runs for views a few days ago at Nant Yr Arian mountain bike trail centre. (The pic shows our boys mountain biking near the trail I ran on). I ran a 5k route, which was very well sign posted through flat paths on the steep hillsides, up a few forest slopes, and some top sections with nearly 360 degree panoramas of stunning mountains. I've been on some beautiful runs in northern ...
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