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Exercise preserves cognitive functions

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An article in the most current Fitness Journal (Idea Health & Fitness Association) claims that overwhelming research shows that cognitive function in old age reflects how people live: nutrition, stress, environment, physical activity, relationships and individual views on ageing play a role. Recent advances in neuroscience suggest that ageing adults retain their ability to improve neural n...
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Wake up and smell the coffee

A client decided to cut down on sugar in his coffee, and has been so successful at this that I wanted to ask him a few questions and share his answers with you. His answers are in blue. How long have you been having sugar in your coffee? Since I was a teenager, thirty years ago! How much sugar were you having in each cup? Up until last year, three heaped white sugars H...
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♥ You’ve got to like it to keep doing it … ♥

One of my clients who has only recently begun training with me reported this week that he actually looks forward to coming to the exercise studio now. This is mega news. In addition, he is starting to like the cross trainer machine - wonderful. If this progress is continued in a linear fashion he will soon be able to say that he really likes exercise. This is what we as personal trainers are s...
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Benefits of just five minutes activity every hour of sitting – Good News!

A review of a research study on the amount of light activity that would result in benefits to cardiometabolic measures is highly encouraging. The study by L.C Dalleck, PhD, and his team in the High Altitude Exercise Physiology Program at Western State Colorado University investigated the optimal frequency, intensity and duration of activity to improve blood glucose levels, blood pressure and d...
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25 minutes Gym Ball routine at home

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To raise my spirits on this rainy day I decided to exercise at home with my gym ball, and I have listed the exercises below. The whole session took 25 minutes (minimal breaks between the ten exercises; twice through the set). It nicely challenged my abdominals, upper body and legs. Warm up - Flights of stairs alternating between one step at a time runs, two steps at a time walk, and one ste...
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Please don’t try this at home !

Alarm bells rang in my head while visiting my parents today when Mum told me she does sit ups as part of her exercise routine. I have never ever suggested she does sit ups. I asked her to show me and she laid down on the floor, and before I knew it she had clasped her hands behind her head, brought her elbows in, pulled her head in and swiftly raised her upper body up to her knees. I gasped in...
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How to preserve good memories

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A series of programmes lasting fifteen minutes every day last week on Radio 4 called How to Have a Better Brain highlighted various behaviours and foods that can have an impact on prevention of memory loss and other brain functions. It was all very interesting and encouraging, not least the ingestion of dark chocolate before cognitive tests leading to improved scores. Nice one! One thing...
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Chin ups for the not-so-strong!

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Would you love to do some chin ups, but can't quite manage any on your own? Watch my 30 seconds clip of modified chin ups exercise on our 'door frame' bar, which cost about £15 from Lidl some years ago (still available Lidl stores intermittently). It was a Mothers Day present for me - strange, you might think, but just what I wanted! OK, so my 'assistant' got more than he bargained for, but ...
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Strength to carry on……

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    Strength, it's been a fascination of mine with my bodybuilding past, but I'm not talking about the physical here, I'm focusing on MENTAL strength. We all need it at various times of our lives, Some more, some less. It's however not an endless resource. How do we ensure we are strong to cope with life's challenges that are thrown at us? One thing I've learnt, is that...
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Simple leg strength measure for over 60s

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By the time we are in our 80s we can have lost up to half of our muscle mass! Getting out of a chair can become a real challenge (as difficult as someone in their 40s getting out of a chair using only one leg!). Not being able to get out of a chair is a sign of sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle in the elderly that leads to frailty. It's a subtle decline, so you might not notice you've st...
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