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Simple but profound thought…..

Just a short, but hopefully poignant blog this week. Not only a reminder to myself, but hopefully a way of ‘reframing’ your own way of thinking and improving overall wellness. It’s easy to be personally affected by many things around you. Things you have read, what people have said directly or indirectly to you, life’s twists and turns that test you, even the way people react aroun...
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Client success story – Lara Hollander

--------------------------- I am 26 years old and work as a social media manager for the indie club night Propaganda. I trained in professional dance at London Contemporary Dance School and CalArts, and play flute and piano. And I have two house rabbits! I became ill with glandular fever over 5 years ago, not long after my graduation. I didn't recover, and was soon diagnosed with myalgic enc...
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You are what you think!

I was speaking to a client this week about how her eating habits were going. Her reply was ; Oh, so, so, but I don’t hate myself enough to do anything about it at the moment! And this is a common issue and a genuine problem. Whilst people tend to be motivated by pain, or avoidance of pain, the issue is hating on yourself. What you think and tell yourself affects your wh...
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Appreciation of life!

Life. It can bring about many twists and turns. We shouldn’t be surprised really, as it’s these events, whether good or bad, that wake us up, and appreciate life just that little bit more, than we did before. The very sad passing of my father in law just recently, is case in point. Of course, with our busy lives, we often can take life for granted, and get bogged down in the nitty grit...
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Your eating ‘window’ and it’s effects on body composition!

I was having a chat with a client this week, after we had a look through their lifestyle log, which included their weekly dietary habits. One factor we discussed was timing of eating. Quite often when we all look at diet, a big focus is what makes it up, as that’s what’s been drummed into us. But what about considering timing of eating? It has surprising affects! We are creatures...
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Keeping it real!

I was driving into work today and it was a beautiful morning, one where you know it’s going to be a good day! This already helps to frame my positive day! I use my commute to work to partly think through my oncoming day, just as I use home-time to reflect on what has been. So this morning I was thinking about mental health. There’s been a lot of media attention recently on menta...
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The gift of life!

I strongly believe that life is a gift. I do think a lot of the time we take it for granted, but it’s when you consider the odds of you being alive, you realise you really are, one of the lucky ones. On researching I found out that the chances of you being born are like 2.5 million people, rolling a trillion sided dice, and ending up with the same number!! Wow! Just Wow! So do we...
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Man vs Mood!

I will make no secret of the fact I’ve been struggling with my mood lately. Whilst I try and give myself a good talking too, it doesn’t always work! So in my self talk I’m like “ right Stuart, you cannot carry on like this, something needs to change! Right! Get the food back on track! Cue change. With fluctuating moods and energy it’s much harder to stay on the line you want....
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Muscular development!

I had a young lad in this week with a goal of putting on some muscle. Despite popular belief, its really hard to put on appreciable muscle, unless you are chemically assisted or have gifted genetics. It can be done, and done well, but it just takes a lot more perseverance, a little longer time, and continued application. It’s not common knowledge, but I had a training partner who...
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Free Yoga event @ Personal Space

FREE YOGA EVENT SUNDAY 29th APRIL 10-3pm AT PERSONAL SPACE, REDLAND Rd Book in to experience a 30 min 1:2:1 yoga class to see how you can start this ancient practice of moving meditation. Already practice? Have you got a pose you really want to achieve? Maybe you have an injury or want to find more flexibilty or strength to support another sport. Do you find yourself stressed or fee...
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