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Self preservation at Christmas

With such a challenging time at the moment personally, it makes me think of the importance of self. It’s not something that comes naturally, as I have engraved in my DNA, ‘put others before yourself’. I think I have to challenge this well engrained belief system now though!! Yes, help and do good for others, but not to the expense of yourself. If I think a bit deeper on th...
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Blood test supplementation!

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You can see all of the tablets that I’m taking in the picture to improve my overall health, based on the full blood spectrum test, that I had this year. Each one has a specific purpose, and I’m taking all at different times throughout the day. It’s hard to say which specific one might be helping, but I will report back more after 3 months. Here’s why I’m taking these supplements (and...
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Wow! What an interesting period of time I’ve had over the last month. Categoric proof that what you eat has a profound effect on overall mental status! Over the last month I hadn’t followed my ketogenic eating as religiously as the rest of the year. And what an effect that had! When the workload and life pressures build up, food is an easy crutch to use, to try and lift spirits a...
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Switching Off!!

I took the decision this week to deactivate my personal facebook account. This can be picked up at another time of my choosing, but for now its on pause. It’s a double edged sword really because social media does help my business, and I do enjoy keeping in touch with friends, BUT I felt it was affecting my mental status in a negative way. I’ve set up a business face book account (...
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Honesty.... It’s quite interesting when I look at the statistical analysis for my blogs to see how many people each one has reached. Without fail, it’s the ones where I’ve laid my heart on the line, that have reached the most people. To me, I try and be honest and transparent as I can be, because I want it to be real, true to form and touch people, even if it’s just in some sma...
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Life hack #5 -Question everything!

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One thing I've learnt over the many years of Personal Training, reading reams of material and going on many courses/seminars/ conferences, is that you never take things for face value. Question everything. It's a good premise to start from. Research advances, new methods and ideas are found and developed, and old ideas debunked. As much as we like to compartmentalise everything i...
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I had a little message sent over to me this week from my lovely aunt Sal. She was having a sort out and came across the very photograph you see in this blog. It's a beautiful shot of my mum and dad captured in the throws of a kiss, and fully encapsulates their love and devotion for each other. I look at the photo with both happiness and sadness. Happiness because it reminds me of that...
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Fat loss truth bombs – part 2!

This is the second part (of 3) installments of the fat loss truth bombs series, with highlights taken from a 2 day seminar from a world expert on hormones. Be aware of your overall stress levels and individual stressors. Activity and exercise whilst beneficial is still an additional stressor to your overall system. Be in tune with your body's needs in terms of activity/exercise an...
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Life hack #3 – keep your body guessing!

Bristol personal trainers,
The body gets used to the same routine - similar foods eaten in the same rotation, same type of exercises done in the same manner, it pays to change things up! Obviously if your routine is working for you it would be crazy to change it! Look out however for longer term plateaus, stagnation and boredom! For cardio exercise try something totally different - if you are doing inside t...
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Personal Trainer life hack #2

Personal trainer #2 life hack- prioritize eating, movement, and exercise, in that order for body compositional change. I thought it might be a bit of a surprise to some for me NOT to put exercise first!! Firstly it's very hard to 'out exercise' a bad diet, so I would encourage you to get the food manipulation right to suit you, in a sustainable way. Try and find a way that minimiz...
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