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‘Just’ walking….

This photograph was taken early this morning, on a glorious spring day, along the sand dunes in Brean and Berrow, just along the coast from where I live. Leo our ‘puppy,’ although not very puppy like in stature now, loving being able to bound up the sand dunes and dart in and out of the tall grasses. I’m very lucky to have this so close to my doorstep and I now realise just how ...
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SAS or SAD?!

Why do you exercise? Serious question. For the majority of my clients, I’ve found it tends to be ‘weight’ change/ body composition improvements, or just ‘physically’ looking better. So, despite the obvious benefits of many exercise forms, especially from a health perspective, it’s ‘appearance’ that is a primary driver! I have to admit here, I would have included myself wi...
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February in reflection….

Well, here we are then- March!! 🐣 In reflection, February for me was a good month! I feel more organised, have more energy, and feel better mentally. I think my break away helped towards this. (See picture of Lisa in the wonderful bath!!) What have I accomplished to make me feel this way? Firstly, I’ve joined a new gym which I currently go 4 times a week. My progra...
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Freddy Mercury and the swimming duck!!

I’ve just finished watching the Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about the band Queen and Freddy Mercury - Wow! such a poignant film- I loved it! Tinged with both elements of sadness and happiness of varying degrees within the film. What struck me though was that underneath the public persona of the happy go lucky, party animal, was major inner turmoil and angst. But what can we...
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Encouraging or Discouraging??

I’ve noticed more recently on my social media, a number of posts talking about Personal Trainers and body image. The discussions were based around what a Personal Trainer should look like, and what it represented to prospective clients. One trainer was told that “clients should not go with him because he didn’t have a six pack”. It was inferred that as he didn’t, his knowledge wasn...
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Some good progress from a number of clients this week, and here is where consistency is critical! I’ve realised through my work and personally, that to achieve, long term, whatever your goal, you need to make it a habit and something you can stick too. I’ll be honest here. I’ve done a number of 3 month body change challenges (in fact I even won one), but actually the biggest challe...
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Love / Hate….

Man with (fake) Love and Hate tattoos on his hands.
[caption id="attachment_2894" align="alignnone" width="300"] Going off track, it happens sometimes, even to me, and please understand it’s only human for it to happen, we are not all super heroes! (Well mostly not 😉) Why does this happen? What can you do? In lasts weeks blog, I wrote about carrying on with your goal journey, despite barriers/pitfalls along the way! The t...
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Suits you sir! (And madam)…

Wow! Here we go then, January nearly over!! Due to the gym I belonged to, closing down, I have now got another membership locally. My clients are often surprised that I use a different gym, and not my own facilities. Of course I do use ours, but much prefer to train elsewhere. I love my work and love my gym, but I prefer to train anonymously elsewhere. I’ve always done that....
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Fixing that flat tyre!

Nice steady week this week. It’s great to see all my clients slotting back, right into the groove! I’ve noticed that while most clients had time ‘off’ over Christmas and New Year, it has only taken most of them just a week, to get right back on it and feeling good. For those still working through their New Years resolutions, don’t worry if you have gone off track a little. The a...
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You want a six pack?!

Nearly the end of my first full week back at work, and I’m loving the enthusiasm and energy from my clients!😃 Let’s hope this can be harnessed and maintained over the coming months! It struck me this week though, that goal-setting and focusing ahead is great, and it’s something I’ve always done and encouraged, BUT is there a danger we miss out on the NOW! Based on my own...
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