Life hack #3 – keep your body guessing!

The body gets used to the same routine - similar foods eaten in the same rotation, same type of exercises done in the same manner, it pays to change things up! Obviously if your routine is working for you it would be crazy to change it! Look out however for longer term plateaus, stagnation and boredom! For cardio exercise try something totally different - if you are doing inside t...
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I love it when this happens!

My favourite moment of this week was my client telling me about an awareness of increased strength that came about during a movement she's been avoiding due to pain. A painful shoulder caused by a tennis injury some years ago has meant that my client (I'll give her the name of Geraldine) has been avoiding lifting heavy things. Geraldine has been coming to see me for about six weeks and working...
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So tell me what you want, what you really, really want

South African long jumper Luvo Manyonga won gold at the World Athletics Championships in London this week, after having turned his life around from drug addiction. It is an inspiring story. Addicted to crystal meth and living in an impoverished township he has managed to transform himself into a world champion. This could motivate us all, to think that we can achieve a complete turnaround in o...
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Personal Trainer life hack #2

Personal trainer #2 life hack- prioritize eating, movement, and exercise, in that order for body compositional change. I thought it might be a bit of a surprise to some for me NOT to put exercise first!! Firstly it's very hard to 'out exercise' a bad diet, so I would encourage you to get the food manipulation right to suit you, in a sustainable way. Try and find a way that minimiz...
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10 of my best personal trainer life hacks!

As I've got older and a more experienced personal trainer, I've realised that you have to train smarter, not necessarily harder! There are ways of getting results that mean you don't have to train the most, the longest, or the most intensely, ALL the time! You just need to know the life hacks that save time in the long run. In homage to this, over the next 10 weeks I'm listing a...
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Blinded by science…..

Life can be very confusing. We read, see and hear such conflicting information around fitness, health and nutrition, all the time. You might be left wondering who's right and whose wrong?! The thing is, ultimately, we all want a definitive answer on our questions! Is ketogenic eating the best way of eating? Is Paleo the way to go? Should we eat all fats? Is fastin...
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labour saving or life limiting technology?

Labour-saving devices in the modern age are slowly but surely making us use less energy to live our lives, and the slow creep might lead to us never having to lift a finger again. What will techno buffs think of next to help us conserve our calories? On reflection have the following really good ideas benefited us in the long term? Electric windows in cars - ahh, remember the good old days w...
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Being grateful……

Such a simple word, but if you truly embrace it to its core, it is extremely liberating! In this day and age it's easy to get caught up in the negative. If you look at a lot of media sources there is some positivity, but a lot of scaremongering; hate, fear, rejection, division, 'them' and 'us', crime, debt, and worry. With this, it is easy to forget the good things of life. We all ...
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Are we sitting ourselves to an early grave?

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.01.16
This title is taken from a radio 4 programme I heard yesterday (8:30pm) which discussed the idea that our working lives today are much less active than 30 years ago and are part of the reason for high rates of obesity. Statistics on food consumption show that although we spend more in real terms on our food today (eating out much more) than 30 years ago there is a large deficit in total calori...
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