Happiness…. 10 lessons I’ve learnt so far….

1. That as an individual I am in total control of how I feel and how I choose to react to others. That looking internally and taking self responsibility for my own actions brings about greater power within. 2. That being grateful for all life's experiences whether good, bad or indifferent puts you in a different (read better) frame of mind. I look at each life experience as a learning op...
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Milk – which type is best?

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There are many plant based milks on the market today, such as almond, soya, oat and coconut. I read an interesting comparison of these milks to cow's milk, and discovered happily that we are drinking the one that suits us best in terms of fat content and protein. Everyone is different though, and even if you are not intolerant of cow's milk there are other reasons why you might prefer plant...
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I think times are changing. At one point it almost seemed unheard of to go places without breaking into a trot, jog, run, whatever you want to call it. Now walking seems to be picking up credence in terms of physical exercise within power and Nordic forms, but also by just keeping moving! Walking in my book, even just a casual stroll, has huge benefits on many levels. It doesn't ...
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How to drink less wine!

My client gave me the inspiration to write this little blog. Last week, she came up with an idea to help her reduce the amount of wine consumed during an evening. (She is not a heavy drinker, she just wants to cut down on her current level). Her idea : to commence drinking wine only once the meal has begun, and no more after the meal is finished. How simple is that? I have used her tip this...
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Sneaky *astard!

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The catalyst for this weeks blog stems from my year ketogenic/Banting experiment and that fact I feel my results have slowed a little. This is an extremely common and frustrating phenomenon, but one in which I'm going to give you some key pointers on what to do! You know what they say - fight fire with fire! Think of your own metabolism as a balance board - step one way and t...
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A challenging core exercise; a nice variation on the side bridge

This core exercise, courtesy of the American Council on Exercise, is called a Side Bridge with Star Crunch. Begin in a side plank position on your forearm. Your legs can both be extended or you can take a modified version with the bottom leg bent and knee down. Lift your top leg as you extend the top arm overhead. Begin to laterally flex your spine as you pull your top elbow towards your to...
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Summer exercise anywhere programme!

One of the barriers towards getting more active is the proximity of a place to do it - worry no more! This workout uses only body weight and you can do it anywhere in just a mat space! It lasts just 20 minutes total including recovery time and gets your muscular and cardiovascular system working out all at once! This is starting to sound like an infomercial!! I give th...
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What gets you off the settee?

After years of encouragement from me for my Dad to exercise more he is finally getting himself off his settee and doing some specific exercises to help strengthen his back and legs. No thanks to me - oh no - it's because he's seeing a physiotherapist, a young and attractive lady he adds, who has prescribed the exercises, which happen to be almost exactly the same as the ones I gave him many mo...
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Keto eating experiment – 15 weeks in….

Just thought I'd write up my learnings so far from the last 4 weeks of the ketogenic/Banting eating plan. I have to say firstly I'm feeling really good - better energy, clearer thinking, mentally better overall, feeling tighter/lighter and hardly ever hungry! (how liberating!) Managing well on less sleep overall but I'm sure I would feel better with a little bit more! (This is mo...
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Beautiful 5k run at Nant yr Arian, Wales

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 08.52.58
One of my best runs for views a few days ago at Nant Yr Arian mountain bike trail centre. (The pic shows our boys mountain biking near the trail I ran on). I ran a 5k route, which was very well sign posted through flat paths on the steep hillsides, up a few forest slopes, and some top sections with nearly 360 degree panoramas of stunning mountains. I've been on some beautiful runs in northern ...
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