“Why you buzzing around?”

In the words of the Cadbury’s Caramel Bunny – “take it easy; slow down”. I was reminded this morning of this ad’s message when I went through the checkout at Lidl. The checkout lady was clearly very efficient and my purchases were shooting out of her hands onto the tiny area for collection at such a rate that it became a race to keep up. I was practically throwing the goods into my rucks...
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Replace your ‘partners in crime’ with true friends

Are you trying to lose weight, sustain a regular exercise routine, eat better food, or generally lead a healthier lifestyle? Are you relying on willpower to avoid temptations, form good habits or stop bad habits? As I've mentioned before in my blogs willpower is not an infinite resource, and therefore you need to employ other strategies to help you succeed in your wholesome objectives. One ...
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Ketogenic eating – 10 lessons learnt!

A year experiment and 10 lessons learnt; That whilst for some it can take a while to get into, and easy to get out of, a ketogenic state, I personally found huge benefits regardless of this. My body felt better, I felt better mentally and my overall wellness increased. So don’t worry too much are not truly in a ketogenic state. That, like any nutrition plan, but especially th...
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Protein powders – it’s a minefield!

bristol personal training
Linia Patel is a registered dietician and sports nutritionist, currently studying for her PhD. I listened to a short podcast by Linia produced for FitPro (Fitness Professionals – the organisation of which I am a member and have my professional insurance with) on the subject of protein powders, and here is a summary of her views. There is a vast array of protein powders in the shops today...
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Personal Training Projections!

This weeks blog is a catch up on what has been so far, and what you can expect to find over the next few months, from Personal Space. I have another two more blogs covering gut and brain health, which updates the latest thinking on this fascinating area. It’s receiving a lot of scrutiny, and rightly so, due to fact they are starting to understand it as a major player in both disease a...
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Decrease waist size to lower your cancer risk

If you are struggling with motivation to exercise, how about the fact that losing fat (or just exercising more and eating a healthier diet without losing any fat) leads to an improvement in your cancer risk. The charity Cancer Research UK claims there are 13 types of cancer that can be caused by being overweight. The charity says that research has shown that many types of cancer are more co...
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Gut /Brain health connection 3!

Part of improving your gut and brain health will be to limit Dysbiosis - that is the imbalance of your gut biome - gut bacteria - microbiota. These are a collection of microorganisms and microbes that live in and on your body. There are many factors that affect an efficient microbiome - stress, types of food, drugs, alcohol, exercise and movement, mental status, existing illness/conditi...
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Don’t fear, spring is near!

Don't fear, spring is near. Just around the next corner! It must be true, as I just spotted some primroses out in flower. This is encouraging, and the current dry weather with good bursts of sunshine makes me feel rejuvenated. I feel keen to go for a run, rather than merely thinking that I ought to. I hope you experience similar inspiring (almost an anagram of 'in spring'!) thoughts regardi...
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H2O – high on the agenda

bristol personal training
I discovered this week that one of my clients drinks no water, just coffee several times a day. He feels few ill effects, but, this has been going on for years and his body seems to have adapted. His plan is to gradually introduce some water to his diet - I'm sure his body will thank him greatly, heaving a great sigh of relief. H2O, or good old water, apart from being obviously vital to lif...
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The Gut Brain connection 2

As touched on from last weeks blog, we strive for ultimate overall health and wellness, however we find increasing numbers of mental health issues and related diseases. In this modern world, the brain has to contend with a cocktail of haywire hormones, internal and external toxins, inflammation, increasing mobile phones usage, nutritional deficiencies, and a barrage of many other stres...
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