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Charging around on my scooter, a Christmas present from attentive husband, is bringing lactic acid to my thighs on a daily basis. It's been great fun scooting to the shops, to school, and to work from the Downs and has really exercised my legs with even short journeys. On flat ground, after about ten pushes I need to switch legs to recover. I never realised what effort is required to play o...
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Don’t fall for it!!

The new year has arrived, and with it, the traditional barrage of fitness, health and ‘new you’ media hype! It’s dished out in the same formulaic fashion - preaching new miraculous quick fix shape up videos, new and improved pills, potions and creams, and extra special workout programs that are ‘guaranteed’ results! Thankfully people are getting wise to these methods, but many still f...
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year. 2018. Time for change? I hope you have had a very happy Christmas and feel optimistic about the year ahead. Are there any habits you have formed that are not ideal for promoting best health? This week could be a good time to sit down and think through these unhelpful habits and prioritise behavioural changes to enhance your well being. I think breaking negative habits can...
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Personal Space Decathlon winners!

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Over the last 3 months we have had quite a large number of clients taking part in our annual decathlon competition. The decathlon is a series of 10 exercises under a running stopwatch, where the participants take on both cardiovascular and resistance based exercises. The aim is to compete all within a minimum time. We split the categories into under and over 46 and the winners are a...
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Conscious appreciation…

Conscious Appreciation Life brings about many a twist and turn, sometimes steady and relatively easy, other times testing our inner resolve to the full. I’d say currently it’s the latter for me. And it’s at times like these, that I fully appreciate the love and support of others, to get you through it. For most of us reading this, if we compare ourselves to much poorer countries, we ac...
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Fantastic back stretcher and massager gift idea

Stuck for Christmas present ideas? How about a back stretcher like the one I am draped over above. We have had this one for many years, as suggested to us by an osteopath friend, to stretch and massage the spine. I have actually just spotted this very one on Ebay for £10.50 - bargain. It's called the Ultimate Rolastretcher, 10-rung beech back stretcher. I can vouch for the claims it makes to s...
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Self preservation at Christmas

With such a challenging time at the moment personally, it makes me think of the importance of self. It’s not something that comes naturally, as I have engraved in my DNA, ‘put others before yourself’. I think I have to challenge this well engrained belief system now though!! Yes, help and do good for others, but not to the expense of yourself. If I think a bit deeper on th...
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Exercise preserves cognitive functions

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An article in the most current Fitness Journal (Idea Health & Fitness Association) claims that overwhelming research shows that cognitive function in old age reflects how people live: nutrition, stress, environment, physical activity, relationships and individual views on ageing play a role. Recent advances in neuroscience suggest that ageing adults retain their ability to improve neural n...
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Blood test supplementation!

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You can see all of the tablets that I’m taking in the picture to improve my overall health, based on the full blood spectrum test, that I had this year. Each one has a specific purpose, and I’m taking all at different times throughout the day. It’s hard to say which specific one might be helping, but I will report back more after 3 months. Here’s why I’m taking these supplements (and...
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Wake up and smell the coffee

A client decided to cut down on sugar in his coffee, and has been so successful at this that I wanted to ask him a few questions and share his answers with you. His answers are in blue. How long have you been having sugar in your coffee? Since I was a teenager, thirty years ago! How much sugar were you having in each cup? Up until last year, three heaped white sugars H...
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