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Blood test supplementation!


You can see all of the tablets that I’m taking in the picture to improve my overall health, based on the full blood spectrum test, that I had this year.

Each one has a specific purpose, and I’m taking all at different times throughout the day. It’s hard to say which specific one might be helping, but I will report back more after 3 months.

Here’s why I’m taking these supplements (and it’s worth mentioning here that they are ‘supplements’, and not replacements, to a nutritious food plan).

Alkalising salts- decreases the acidic stressful gut

Ultimate fish oils- gives big omega dose giving good nutrients for brain and gut with essential fatty acids.

DHEA – known as the youth elixir to minimise ageing effects. It has many benefits for improving sex hormones, mental and physical wellbeing.

Vitamin D- a buccal spray that helps absorption of calcium and phosphate in bones and muscles. (Most people are low in this!) deficiency has also been linked to depression interestingly.

Magnesium relax – help sleep and minimise cramps (which I have occasionally got on Keto eating)

Amino Relax – help drop stress hormones and aid sleep

Iodine Forte – to enhance thyroid function

Digestzyme – helps stomach acids and digestion, protein and fat breakdown (as my gallbladder was taken out).

Nattokinase and serrapeptase- increases enzyme production that help catabolise protein better.

Berberine – helps with metabolic support and regulate blood sugars.

All of these work for me alongside a ketogenic eating plan. Which as a reminder is very low carbs, low -med protein, high fat.
I have also bought a keto breath tester which you blow into to test ketone Levels. This indicates whether I’m effectively using fat as primary fuel or not. (Il post more an this in a future blog).

This is obviously a huge personal (and not to mention financial) investment in health but I have to do it see how it helps me, and how much I can improve my health. I actually think the cost helps to get really focussed!!

This is a personal quest to learn more and hopefully let others learn about my process. It’s one method of many that I use with clients – and certainly not the only way. There’s always many ways to approach each case and never ever one way for all.

More next week!
Best wishes