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Fat loss truth bombs – part 2!

This is the second part (of 3) installments of the fat loss truth bombs series, with highlights taken from a 2 day seminar from a world expert on hormones. Be aware of your overall stress levels and individual stressors. Activity and exercise whilst beneficial is still an additional stressor to your overall system. Be in tune with your body's needs in terms of activity/exercise an...
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Chin ups for the not-so-strong!

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 10.38.06
Would you love to do some chin ups, but can't quite manage any on your own? Watch my 30 seconds clip of modified chin ups exercise on our 'door frame' bar, which cost about £15 from Lidl some years ago (still available Lidl stores intermittently). It was a Mothers Day present for me - strange, you might think, but just what I wanted! OK, so my 'assistant' got more than he bargained for, but ...
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Strength to carry on……

    Strength, it's been a fascination of mine with my bodybuilding past, but I'm not talking about the physical here, I'm focusing on MENTAL strength. We all need it at various times of our lives, Some more, some less. It's however not an endless resource. How do we ensure we are strong to cope with life's challenges that are thrown at us? One thing I've learnt, is that...
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Simple leg strength measure for over 60s

Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio
By the time we are in our 80s we can have lost up to half of our muscle mass! Getting out of a chair can become a real challenge (as difficult as someone in their 40s getting out of a chair using only one leg!). Not being able to get out of a chair is a sign of sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle in the elderly that leads to frailty. It's a subtle decline, so you might not notice you've st...
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Rolling, rolling, rolling …..

Foam rolling, or self myo-fascial release, is a great way to alleviate painful or restricted movement that occurs through hard training, chronic postures or injuries. Massage achieved through foam rolling breaks down sticky tissues and adhesions that prevent muscles from sliding over each other in their surrounding fascia (connective tissue). Muscle fascia can also stick to the underside of sk...
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Fat loss truth bombs! 💣💥

      This is a 2 part (possibly 3!) blog highlighting my main learnings from a recent two day seminar on the hormonal effects of fat loss. Whilst the course was very 'sciencey', I'm going to disseminate it in laymen terms, to get to the nitty gritty of useable information. Here goes!   1. That fat loss can be attained way easier when your overall healt...
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How much physical activity is enough?

bristol personal training
Do you wonder how much exercise you should be doing? The UK government Department of Health produced a very clear infographic on this subject, (updated 2017) which you can see here.  The advice is based on improving quality of life, maintaining a healthy weight, managing stress and reducing your chances of conditions such as depression, diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular disease, dementia...
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Anti boom bust! 💥

Whilst I like and enjoy social media, it is a double edged sword. I love it for keeping in contact with friends and family and for keeping abreast of what exciting things people are doing. At its best, it can be supportive & nurturing, at its worst it's a time robber that can get you questioning yourself and others. You have to accept and take it for what it is. I think as long as y...
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Wake up your body with a sports massage

Wake up your body with a stimulating sports massage, at Personal Space. Esther is here on September 25th in the afternoon and evening, offering her excellent sports massage. She has recently passed her Level 4 Sports Massage Therapy (with ITEC, St. Mary's University, Twickenham) and is keen to pass on the benefits of her new techniques. Treat sports injuries, relieve tight muscles, ease ...
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Spreading the love……❤️

Bristol personal training, pilates
      I was driving up the motorway early this morning listening to Vanessa Feltz on radio 2. On her show, she has a section where people write in to give thanks to a special friend, or loved one. It's a really beautiful gesture. It got me thinking. How often do we actually take the time out to genuinely thank somebody or let them know you care? I know wh...
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