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Appreciation. With more recent events, and my very unfortunate fathers passing, its made me ponder, question, and just think a little bit more than I do already, which is saying something! Despite me being very conscious of making the best of life, and not taking things for granted, that old adage of, you don’t appreciate things fully until they’ve gone, is very true here. I kn...
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Do it to feel good and reduce stress

Exercise counters stress because it generally makes you feel good. Studies resoundingly show that exercise improves mood. Partly due to the release of beta-endorphins during and after the exercise, which are feel-good hormones. Also, the resulting feelings of achievement and self-efficacy (I CAN do this stuff) are part of the picture. Your body's stress response is to prepare it for a sudde...
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Daily time restricted eating helps weight loss and health

I have been reading about the benefits of restricting your daily food intake to an 8-12 hour window and thought I'd share the gist of it in this blog. I know Stu has blogged about this before, so hopefully my points tally up with his. In essence, it's about timing your food intake to match your circadian rhythm, which is driven by the daily planetary cycle of 24 hours. Getting out of sync wit...
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Holidays – sometimes produce fitness and health improvements!

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 16.25.38
Holidays sometimes produce fitness and health improvements! Well..... sometimes. Obviously depends on what you like to do on holiday. My clients this week have had quite varied responses to their summer holiday period. One gained 3kg in two weeks, felt sluggish and less fit from constant lounging by the pool in the admirable pursuit of reading books, another lost a stone by spending her time f...
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The gift of disappointment!

The gift of Disappointment! We’ve all been there. You think ahead, do everything as planned, but then the result doesn’t quite stack up, against what you thought it was going to be. Obviously this can be disappointing BUT I believe sometimes there’s much more to be gained and learnt, when things DONT go right. If I can use my son Tom as an example. Last year when he didn’t make the...
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Client success story – Jenny

Personal Space - Personal Training Studio Bristol
[caption id="attachment_224" align="alignnone" width="300"] Personal Space - Personal Training Studio Bristol[/caption] This weeks blog is from one of my clients Jenny who I’ve trained at Personal Space for over a year now. It tells her own success story, proving it’s never to late to change! Why did you decide to take up personal training? I decided to improve my fitness after getti...
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Holiday workouts ideas!

A brief blog this week just to say I hope you are all making the best of the summer holidays? Whilst we are away on holiday, it can certainly be time to take stock, relax and take some well earned time out. I personally like to build workouts into my holiday as I feel better for it! I also have a tendency to overeat - especially if it’s an all inclusive, so it at least readdress’s s...
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‘Working’ in the ups, downs and spirals!

The photograph attached to this blog, is one I’ve just taken at the athletic performance centre, at Loughborough University, waiting whilst Tom has his coaching. Looking at the well used kit, the lifting chalk and the wall freeze, you can just feel that there’s been a lot of ‘work’ accomplished here. Obviously, with my son Tom winning his England vest and being able to compete in his fi...
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How did he do that?

bristol personal trainers
Just a bit of fun this week, as we are off on holiday tomorrow for a mega camping adventure and I am a bit busy sorting and packing. This is Alfie's work for Art class. PS - not photo-shopped PS - don't try at home ;) Have a wonderful, active summer. Lisa :)
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Exercise as an outlet for stress / frustration

bristol personal trainers
I've been slow and steady with my reading of 'Why zebras don't get ulcers' by Robert M Sapolsky, and I am learning an awful lot in the process about the effects of chronic stress on the body. It requires much concentration to take in the physiology, but it's so interesting and I am hoping that some of it will stay embedded in my brain. One key factor in reducing the effect of a stressor is ...
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