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Matt runs the London Marathon for MIND

VLM2018 - 14-1
Running for MIND A local parent, Matt Newman, who I see most days on school runs ran in the London Marathon yesterday in aid of the mental health charity MIND. I saw him today proudly wearing the medal he gained around his neck. It's beautiful. He was pleased to say he had finished in 5 hours 50, within his target of 6 hours. I asked Matt if he would like to write a little for my blog, explai...
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Free Yoga event @ Personal Space

FREE YOGA EVENT SUNDAY 29th APRIL 10-3pm AT PERSONAL SPACE, REDLAND Rd Book in to experience a 30 min 1:2:1 yoga class to see how you can start this ancient practice of moving meditation. Already practice? Have you got a pose you really want to achieve? Maybe you have an injury or want to find more flexibilty or strength to support another sport. Do you find yourself stressed or fee...
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Not sure what Parkinson’s is?

Many people have heard and read about Parkinson's Disease (PD), but may not know about all the possible symptoms.  this link to an 8 minute video called UniteforParkinson's on Parkinson's UK website illustrates the daily struggles that people with this incurable disease face. It was made to spread awareness about Parkinson's and to help increase understanding about the many symptoms. It finish...
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Change of focus!

We are all living increasingly busy lives, and the pace of life seems to be building more each year. Year after year we try to fit more in, do more, and get more out of what precious time we have. The dichotomy is, at the same time, we know its extremely important for our overall wellness and health, to take time out, rest and recuperate, and have adequate sleep. Most of my ad...
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Heart surgeon speaks out on what really causes heart disease

This persuasive text I found today from a link on the Idea Health & Fitness website is written by a US heart surgeon and was published in a journal called Prevent Disease in 2012. It supports the popular hypothesis that low-fat, high-processed-carbohydrate diets cause excess chronic inflammation in the body, which is what leads to heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Although the article i...
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Big Hand for Graham! HbA1c reductions with diet.

bristol personal trainer
Graham is a client of mine. He has halved his Diabetes blood measurements of HbA1c by changing his diet. I asked him if he could give us his story, and these are his words that follow. "I had a rude awakening in December 2017, when my GP advised that my borderline, diet controlled Diabetes type 2 had got more serious. The HbA1c blood test had come back with a high level of 95 mmol/mol, necessit...
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What I want my twins to know….

Throughout my life I have obviously experienced different stressors - some major, some less so. The thing is, as you get older and reflect, you realise that those things, were really not worth worrying about, at all. They seemed it at the time, but they really weren’t worth losing sleep or making you feel unwell. It’s not until you have gone through more major issues you think - ...
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Low back support from the gluteal muscles

bristol personal training
Focussing on strengthening the gluteal muscles (your bum!) can bring the major benefit of support for your lower back and decreased pain. The gluteus maximum, medius and minimus surround the rear and outside of the hips and stabilise the pelvis and lower back as you move through various activities of daily life. Weakness in the gluteals due to lack of strengthening activity and decreased stand...
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My 38 year love affair….

It’s funny, that with my own training over the years, I’ve done many forms of different physical training, in either a move to just challenge myself differently or to keep things mixed up. Your body can get used to the same routine, so it’s not only a nice change, but also in your best interests, to keep your body guessing. Despite being a gym instructor or PT I didn’t always feel lik...
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