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Coping & Reflecting through Christmas

At this time of year it’s often a time of reflection- thinking of the past year, what it has brought to you & those closest to you. It also makes us think of those who sadly are no longer with us.

I really miss my grandparents & being able to call & chat to them. I would love to have just a few hours to share my life with them both again.
For my grandad it would have to be in a country pub with a pint of real ale (or 5!).
For my Nan a cup of tea on a comfy sofa & a roaring log fire (she was famous for those!)
I do feel they are watching over anyway, but that would be just lovely!


Whilst my mum is still with us, unfortunately she has very little comprehension & it’s not enough to have a conversation – which she absolutely loved to do!
My dad is an absolute trouper & my thoughts are always with him & how bravely he copes.

So, whilst Christmas can be a magical time for a lot of people, for others it can be a tough time.

We are all going through our own personal battles & I would encourage all of you to keep that in mind when dealing with Christmas & your own family.

For our own strength of wellness within, it has been shown that it actually helps to consider others needs (empathy) & to put yourself in their situation. This can in turn make us feel better.

It’s human nature to compare, but actually it’s a very destructive way of looking at life. You know, the ‘ they’ve got more than me’, & why is it their life appears so perfect, etc that kind of thinking.
Of course in reality it’s very rarely as it seems on face value.

I’ve learnt over the years to try not to compare & to focus on factors closer to home. And you know what? I feel loads better for doing so! I focus on self improvement & being better than I was the last year.

I actually love to see people succeeding – life is too short & difficult to think any different. We are all in this together – I want to go out kicking & screaming to my grave thinking – whoo! what a blast!

Whilst there are elements in my own personal life that could be viewed as difficult, I choose to be thankful for my life so far & be truly grateful for every life experience that I have had. I still have many wonderful experiences to come!

Here’s to a happy, healthy & prosperous new year to everyone out there!

Best wishes