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Bad weather Blues? Cheer up with my home exercise routine: 15 minutes.

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This monotonous, tiresome weather! Dank, dreary, dismal, dull, dreadful, drab, dark, and decidedly damp! How does it make you feel about getting out to exercise? Perhaps demotivated, depressed, dejected, dampened, discouraged, disheartened, dispirited, despondent and downright dismayed. OK, enough of the D’s already! What can we do? Do not fear. Try this – a 15 minutes muscle...
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Back to school……Back to your exercise routine?

With the children back to school this week there is no time like the present to restart your usual (or start for the first time) fitness routine. To help you re-establish and sustain your healthy routines consider these six points :- Planning - write on your calendar your weekly plan for exercise. Denoting specific days and times for each activity, you can repeat weekly, will really help yo...
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