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Keto vs Fitbit!

I have finally succumbed to some tech! I bought myself a Fitbit charge 2 which tracks amongst many things activity and steps, heart rate and sleep. Very interesting! Firstly, I was surprised by how my steps accumulated from just life stuff, and secondly how competitive I got with myself to ensure I get past 10k steps daily!! Quite frequently I will hear from clients t...
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Ketogenic experiment wk7- fasting

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Ketogenic eating aside I thought I would write this week about fasting. Fasting can be used alongside ketogenic eating, as another weapon to quicken bodyfat loss & improve health. Fasting is like like another tool out of your skills toolbox, useful when needed! Most people will have heard of the 5:2 diet, where you eat relatively normal on five days of the week & then very low ca...
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