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Suits you sir! (And madam)…

Wow! Here we go then, January nearly over!! Due to the gym I belonged to, closing down, I have now got another membership locally. My clients are often surprised that I use a different gym, and not my own facilities. Of course I do use ours, but much prefer to train elsewhere. I love my work and love my gym, but I prefer to train anonymously elsewhere. I’ve always done that....
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My 38 year love affair….

It’s funny, that with my own training over the years, I’ve done many forms of different physical training, in either a move to just challenge myself differently or to keep things mixed up. Your body can get used to the same routine, so it’s not only a nice change, but also in your best interests, to keep your body guessing. Despite being a gym instructor or PT I didn’t always feel lik...
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