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Personal Trainer life hack #2

Personal trainer #2 life hack- prioritize eating, movement, and exercise, in that order for body compositional change. I thought it might be a bit of a surprise to some for me NOT to put exercise first!! Firstly it's very hard to 'out exercise' a bad diet, so I would encourage you to get the food manipulation right to suit you, in a sustainable way. Try and find a way that minimiz...
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Fire up the bodies natural furnace!

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I've booked myself on a one day seminar at the end of the month which focussess on maximizing hormones for fat loss & muscle gain. I do this because I have a small number of clients who have a complicated history & have particularly struggled with compositional change. This goes a bit further than normal, by looking at hormonal blood markers. Just as I get my clients to learn from go...
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