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Holidays – sometimes produce fitness and health improvements!

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Holidays sometimes produce fitness and health improvements! Well..... sometimes. Obviously depends on what you like to do on holiday. My clients this week have had quite varied responses to their summer holiday period. One gained 3kg in two weeks, felt sluggish and less fit from constant lounging by the pool in the admirable pursuit of reading books, another lost a stone by spending her time f...
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Self-acceptance feels good!

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Whilst out on a family cycle ride yesterday I had confirmation of my suspicion that I can no longer keep pace with my nine and twelve year old boys. I have felt it before, but I didn’t want to believe it at the time; now it is incontrovertible that my fitness is not what it once was. I am, (without doubt!), getting older, and my boys are getting bigger and stronger, so it is no wonder really that ...
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