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The virtuous cycle of kindness

Performing an act of kindness or helping someone in a small way leads to feelings of happiness in you as well as the person you have been kind to. I heard this described on the radio yesterday as a ‘virtuous cycle’. When you smile at someone you don’t know, help someone with a heavy bag, send a kind message to someone, or perform any altruistic act of kindness there are apparently positive bod...
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10 tips from 2016 going into 2017

I thought it would be a good time to review some key thinking from over last years blogs. They are not in any definitive order, but thought it would be useful for anybody wanting to make a positive change in their wellness, fitness and eating habits. Here goes! 1. Ketogenic/Banting eating - fascinating research which debunks the low fat eating myth. Basically eating high fat, medium prot...
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