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Ketogenic eating – 10 lessons learnt!

A year experiment and 10 lessons learnt; That whilst for some it can take a while to get into, and easy to get out of, a ketogenic state, I personally found huge benefits regardless of this. My body felt better, I felt better mentally and my overall wellness increased. So don’t worry too much are not truly in a ketogenic state. That, like any nutrition plan, but especially th...
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Personal Training Projections!

This weeks blog is a catch up on what has been so far, and what you can expect to find over the next few months, from Personal Space. I have another two more blogs covering gut and brain health, which updates the latest thinking on this fascinating area. It’s receiving a lot of scrutiny, and rightly so, due to fact they are starting to understand it as a major player in both disease a...
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Blood test supplementation!

personal trainer bristol
You can see all of the tablets that I’m taking in the picture to improve my overall health, based on the full blood spectrum test, that I had this year. Each one has a specific purpose, and I’m taking all at different times throughout the day. It’s hard to say which specific one might be helping, but I will report back more after 3 months. Here’s why I’m taking these supplements (and...
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Keto eating experiment – 15 weeks in….

Just thought I'd write up my learnings so far from the last 4 weeks of the ketogenic/Banting eating plan. I have to say firstly I'm feeling really good - better energy, clearer thinking, mentally better overall, feeling tighter/lighter and hardly ever hungry! (how liberating!) Managing well on less sleep overall but I'm sure I would feel better with a little bit more! (This is mo...
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Banting and Fitbit update…..

I thought I'd better fill you in on the ketogenic/banting plan that I've been following since February, as part of the longer term research. Since having my Fitbit I have moved even more than normal - especially walking. I must say that walking is very underrated and I definitely feel much better for increasing overall movement. In my opinion I feel it's accelerated fat loss further...
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Ketogenic experiment wk7- fasting

Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio
Ketogenic eating aside I thought I would write this week about fasting. Fasting can be used alongside ketogenic eating, as another weapon to quicken bodyfat loss & improve health. Fasting is like like another tool out of your skills toolbox, useful when needed! Most people will have heard of the 5:2 diet, where you eat relatively normal on five days of the week & then very low ca...
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Ketogenic experiment – week 3

Personal Space Bristol Personal Training Studio
I thought I'd give you some more insight into ketogenic eating. It is suggested, to induce a ketogenic state, that you keep carbohydrates (carbs) below 20g total for the day. (Some say 50 but it varies individual to individual). What I like about this sort of food plan is that you are not weighing or measuring but it does help to keep track & be aware of carbs amounts. It makes sens...
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Ketogenic experiment – week 2

        I must say the more & more I read on this subject, the more I think that the information surrounding this topic, needs to be heard critically, by the public at large. As with any science topic there will be evidence for & against, but from what I've read so far, for me it's compelling! I would expect there to be a backlash towards this info...
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Week 1- ketogenic plan findings!

  Following on from my seminar that I recently went on together with copious amounts of reading, I'm reporting back on week one of the ketogenic eating plan.   The plan isn't new, as there's been lots of research on the subject, but I think it's getting more credence now with the news that's fats aren't as bad as previously thought, and that sugar is believed to be the new e...
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Fat loss experiment

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 21.50.44
      I have been very intrigued this year by the fat vs sugar argument. Following on from last weeks blog, and as a way of getting a deeper understanding, I've put myself on to a ketogenic dietary plan, with the aim of dropping some bodyfat. Just as I try out all new exercises before I give them to clients, I think it's useful for me to try out new ideas in eating. ...
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