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6 month ketogenic review

Bristol personal trainer, Redland
    I thought I'd just write another update and my learning from the ketogenic eating plan, intermittent fasting, and HIT training, 6 months in! Briefly my learning so far; - body fat and circumference diminished substantially - Overall body weight down 15kg - Better overall energy - Much better overall wellness - Side effects occasional night time cramping and distur...
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Keto eating experiment – 15 weeks in….

Just thought I'd write up my learnings so far from the last 4 weeks of the ketogenic/Banting eating plan. I have to say firstly I'm feeling really good - better energy, clearer thinking, mentally better overall, feeling tighter/lighter and hardly ever hungry! (how liberating!) Managing well on less sleep overall but I'm sure I would feel better with a little bit more! (This is mo...
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My 11 week results from Ketogenic eating

Eleven weeks into my one year Ketogenic/Banting experiment (although I already feel it's going to be a lifelong plan), I thought I'd report my findings so far for those that are interested in learning more about the process. Here's my main summary; I'm very rarely hungry now- which is huge! When I had more carbs I was hungry a lot of the time and my mind was focused on my next m...
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Finding your lightbulb moment….

      Well, after my couple of months of experimenting with the ketogenic/banting eating at the beginning of the year , I have decided to do a longer term experiment - 1 years worth! So, those that were interested with the previous findings, watch this space, as I will review throughout the year, in-between other articles of interest. I've already been on the prog...
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