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Ketogenic eating – 10 lessons learnt!

A year experiment and 10 lessons learnt; That whilst for some it can take a while to get into, and easy to get out of, a ketogenic state, I personally found huge benefits regardless of this. My body felt better, I felt better mentally and my overall wellness increased. So don’t worry too much are not truly in a ketogenic state. That, like any nutrition plan, but especially th...
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Week 1- ketogenic plan findings!

  Following on from my seminar that I recently went on together with copious amounts of reading, I'm reporting back on week one of the ketogenic eating plan.   The plan isn't new, as there's been lots of research on the subject, but I think it's getting more credence now with the news that's fats aren't as bad as previously thought, and that sugar is believed to be the new e...
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