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Appreciation of life!

Life. It can bring about many twists and turns. We shouldn’t be surprised really, as it’s these events, whether good or bad, that wake us up, and appreciate life just that little bit more, than we did before. The very sad passing of my father in law just recently, is case in point. Of course, with our busy lives, we often can take life for granted, and get bogged down in the nitty grit...
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What I want my twins to know….

Throughout my life I have obviously experienced different stressors - some major, some less so. The thing is, as you get older and reflect, you realise that those things, were really not worth worrying about, at all. They seemed it at the time, but they really weren’t worth losing sleep or making you feel unwell. It’s not until you have gone through more major issues you think - ...
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personal training bristol
I had a little message sent over to me this week from my lovely aunt Sal. She was having a sort out and came across the very photograph you see in this blog. It's a beautiful shot of my mum and dad captured in the throws of a kiss, and fully encapsulates their love and devotion for each other. I look at the photo with both happiness and sadness. Happiness because it reminds me of that...
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