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The gift of life!

I strongly believe that life is a gift. I do think a lot of the time we take it for granted, but it’s when you consider the odds of you being alive, you realise you really are, one of the lucky ones. On researching I found out that the chances of you being born are like 2.5 million people, rolling a trillion sided dice, and ending up with the same number!! Wow! Just Wow! So do we...
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What I want my twins to know….

Throughout my life I have obviously experienced different stressors - some major, some less so. The thing is, as you get older and reflect, you realise that those things, were really not worth worrying about, at all. They seemed it at the time, but they really weren’t worth losing sleep or making you feel unwell. It’s not until you have gone through more major issues you think - ...
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Lifes best advice

I had an interesting one this week, as I asked my Facebook friends, what the best advice they had been given in life. Well, all the results are in & despite a fair number being on the 'riskier' side, I'm pleased to say, the rest I can publish!! 😄 I'm always interested in others wisdom, especially those that have been on this earth a while longer than I.  As you get older you do c...
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