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Anti boom bust! 💥

bristol personal trainer
Whilst I like and enjoy social media, it is a double edged sword. I love it for keeping in contact with friends and family and for keeping abreast of what exciting things people are doing. At its best, it can be supportive & nurturing, at its worst it's a time robber that can get you questioning yourself and others. You have to accept and take it for what it is. I think as long as y...
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6 month ketogenic review

Bristol personal trainer, Redland
    I thought I'd just write another update and my learning from the ketogenic eating plan, intermittent fasting, and HIT training, 6 months in! Briefly my learning so far; - body fat and circumference diminished substantially - Overall body weight down 15kg - Better overall energy - Much better overall wellness - Side effects occasional night time cramping and distur...
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