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Some good progress from a number of clients this week, and here is where consistency is critical! I’ve realised through my work and personally, that to achieve, long term, whatever your goal, you need to make it a habit and something you can stick too. I’ll be honest here. I’ve done a number of 3 month body change challenges (in fact I even won one), but actually the biggest challe...
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Suits you sir! (And madam)…

Wow! Here we go then, January nearly over!! Due to the gym I belonged to, closing down, I have now got another membership locally. My clients are often surprised that I use a different gym, and not my own facilities. Of course I do use ours, but much prefer to train elsewhere. I love my work and love my gym, but I prefer to train anonymously elsewhere. I’ve always done that....
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Extreme measures…..

The hot news this week was that of the NHS prescribing 800 calorie liquid diets, to help reduce type two diabetes and associated obesity. This has been trialed and has been proved to be successful in reversing the effects in over half those trying it. The NHS have been set targets for national reduction, and this is just one measure. Type 2 or adult onset diabetes is different ...
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‘Working’ in the ups, downs and spirals!

The photograph attached to this blog, is one I’ve just taken at the athletic performance centre, at Loughborough University, waiting whilst Tom has his coaching. Looking at the well used kit, the lifting chalk and the wall freeze, you can just feel that there’s been a lot of ‘work’ accomplished here. Obviously, with my son Tom winning his England vest and being able to compete in his fi...
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