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Keeping on track….

I hope this blog finds you exactly where you want to be with your 2018 health, fitness and wellness goals? Just to say don’t worry if you are not totally on track. The pathway to your goals is never uniform and straight, it’s very up and down. That’s perfectly normal. I have to admit my pathway deviated a little over the festive period and I was glad to get back to a ‘normal’ r...
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Developing a sustainable P.O.A!

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There's been a fair bit written in the media this week about unsustainable-weight loss. What triggered it partly was the biggest loser TV programme, where those who are (generally morbidly) obese compete to change bodyshape & health. (Although health is a side product!) After the programme finished, those that had done well, had started to pile the weight (fat) back on. Hands up, being t...
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