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Spreading the love……❤️

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      I was driving up the motorway early this morning listening to Vanessa Feltz on radio 2. On her show, she has a section where people write in to give thanks to a special friend, or loved one. It's a really beautiful gesture. It got me thinking. How often do we actually take the time out to genuinely thank somebody or let them know you care? I know wh...
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Love, Gratitude and Wellness

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Earlier this week I popped in to see my lovely mum & dad. When Mum saw me her facial expression lit up & you could see she was trying her hardest to smile. I could see it in her eyes that she was smiling though. Just that little glimmer of the old mum gave me great joy. I certainly felt like she recognised me. Little pleasures. Being loved & loving others has a huge impact on you...
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