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Conscious appreciation…

Conscious Appreciation Life brings about many a twist and turn, sometimes steady and relatively easy, other times testing our inner resolve to the full. I’d say currently it’s the latter for me. And it’s at times like these, that I fully appreciate the love and support of others, to get you through it. For most of us reading this, if we compare ourselves to much poorer countries, we ac...
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Spreading the love……❤️

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      I was driving up the motorway early this morning listening to Vanessa Feltz on radio 2. On her show, she has a section where people write in to give thanks to a special friend, or loved one. It's a really beautiful gesture. It got me thinking. How often do we actually take the time out to genuinely thank somebody or let them know you care? I know wh...
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Love, Gratitude and Wellness

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Earlier this week I popped in to see my lovely mum & dad. When Mum saw me her facial expression lit up & you could see she was trying her hardest to smile. I could see it in her eyes that she was smiling though. Just that little glimmer of the old mum gave me great joy. I certainly felt like she recognised me. Little pleasures. Being loved & loving others has a huge impact on you...
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