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February in reflection….

Well, here we are then- March!! 🐣 In reflection, February for me was a good month! I feel more organised, have more energy, and feel better mentally. I think my break away helped towards this. (See picture of Lisa in the wonderful bath!!) What have I accomplished to make me feel this way? Firstly, I’ve joined a new gym which I currently go 4 times a week. My progra...
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Freddy Mercury and the swimming duck!!

I’ve just finished watching the Bohemian Rhapsody, the film about the band Queen and Freddy Mercury - Wow! such a poignant film- I loved it! Tinged with both elements of sadness and happiness of varying degrees within the film. What struck me though was that underneath the public persona of the happy go lucky, party animal, was major inner turmoil and angst. But what can we...
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Are you caring enough?

The holiday season is upon us and I’m pleased to say I’m in holiday mode! Wow! I feel like I really need it this year, much more than others. I have been exceptionally busy, which is a good problem to have if you are self employed, but In collaboration with this years events, i think it’s taken it’s toll. I think I’ve ploughed into work as a dealing mechanism and focussed on others to h...
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Telling it as it is……

Sometimes I know exactly what I want to write from something that’s happened in the week, but this isn’t one of them! Whatever I write though, it’s always from the heart. I have to say my heads a bit mushed up at the moment, which always makes it harder to write. This does however ties in with the recent mental health week promotion, and the ‘it’s ok, to not be ok,’ moniker. ...
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Insane in the membrane…..

Not too sure my brain is thinking straight at the moment, which is hardly surprising, considering recent events. Just to say though, that to maximise brain health it’s really important to consider the different ways of improving your own mental status. We know the benefits of different forms of exercise on mental health, but it’s important to incorporate different aspects, other than...
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Simple but profound thought…..

Just a short, but hopefully poignant blog this week. Not only a reminder to myself, but hopefully a way of ‘reframing’ your own way of thinking and improving overall wellness. It’s easy to be personally affected by many things around you. Things you have read, what people have said directly or indirectly to you, life’s twists and turns that test you, even the way people react aroun...
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Keeping it real!

I was driving into work today and it was a beautiful morning, one where you know it’s going to be a good day! This already helps to frame my positive day! I use my commute to work to partly think through my oncoming day, just as I use home-time to reflect on what has been. So this morning I was thinking about mental health. There’s been a lot of media attention recently on menta...
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