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Your eating ‘window’ and it’s effects on body composition!

I was having a chat with a client this week, after we had a look through their lifestyle log, which included their weekly dietary habits. One factor we discussed was timing of eating. Quite often when we all look at diet, a big focus is what makes it up, as that’s what’s been drummed into us. But what about considering timing of eating? It has surprising affects! We are creatures...
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Sneaky *astard!

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The catalyst for this weeks blog stems from my year ketogenic/Banting experiment and that fact I feel my results have slowed a little. This is an extremely common and frustrating phenomenon, but one in which I'm going to give you some key pointers on what to do! You know what they say - fight fire with fire! Think of your own metabolism as a balance board - step one way and t...
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Hormones and metabolism in females part 1

I've just finished a short course in this area and thought I could share with you some of the key points. I will break the info down into two blogs as there's too much for one blog. The most effective way to change your shape is to weight train. Between the ages of 35 - 55 sedentary women increase fat by 1 kg a year, (doesn't sound much, but 20kg of extra fat in 20 years; now that sounds...
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