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Keep on moving……

Well, Easter is upon us with predictably a change in the good weather! Let's hope for a bit of sunshine with the increased leisure time! I've no doubt we will all be 'out and about' a little bit more than normal, and this increased movement is a fantastic tonic for increasing overall wellness. In fact, just walking, not even power walking or Nordic walking, has great health benefits, s...
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Keto vs Fitbit!

I have finally succumbed to some tech! I bought myself a Fitbit charge 2 which tracks amongst many things activity and steps, heart rate and sleep. Very interesting! Firstly, I was surprised by how my steps accumulated from just life stuff, and secondly how competitive I got with myself to ensure I get past 10k steps daily!! Quite frequently I will hear from clients t...
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Optimal wellness 💪🏼💥

  This picture is taken from my perspective as I'm sat down on the downs in Bristol, after a lovely sunny short walk, taking in the fresh spring air and the last of the days warm rays. How life affirming! One of my acts towards getting myself back more wellness, is getting out more in the fresh air and walking. Not even power walking, just take in all the surroundings, enjoying lif...
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