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I think today's sunny weather combined with a welcome break mid afternoon, made me, what my school report called, 'a daydreamer!' Despite what I feel was highlighted as a negative then, (especially where mindfulness is so topical), it is, in hind-site, actually not a bad thing to do occasionally. Switch off, let your mind wander, and your thoughts float away. In a world that dicta...
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Learning to love ❤️

Absolutely loving this beautiful weather! I think it makes life seem so much more radiant and positive! Speaking of which, how you feel, has a massive impact on your wellbeing, both short and long term. Perhaps not really that surprising that your mental state and outlook, can have a massive impact on a whole cocktail of hormonal responses, which obviously not only effects the mental a...
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The power of choice

  (Lesson 23) Well, it's a short & sweet blog this week - mainly because after writing & editing it, I lost the bulk of the text!! It's easy to let stress takeover at times like this, but I'm not going to let it! In the scheme of things it's a minor annoyance & whilst I love blogging & helping others, to get things in perspective - it's small fry! They say d...
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