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Love / Hate….

[caption id="attachment_2894" align="alignnone" width="300"] Going off track, it happens sometimes, even to me, and please understand it’s only human for it to happen, we are not all super heroes! (Well mostly not 😉) Why does this happen? What can you do? In lasts weeks blog, I wrote about carrying on with your goal journey, despite barriers/pitfalls along the way! The t...
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2018, a year of lessons learnt….

Wow! Another year nearly over! As my Grandad Tom once said; “if you think it goes quick now boy, wait till you get to my age!” (He was late 80’s when he said this!) A tough year personally, but there again we all have hard periods of time throughout our lives. I haven’t said it before but these blogs are always written from my heart, and it concerned me that it might appear writte...
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Learning to love ❤️

Absolutely loving this beautiful weather! I think it makes life seem so much more radiant and positive! Speaking of which, how you feel, has a massive impact on your wellbeing, both short and long term. Perhaps not really that surprising that your mental state and outlook, can have a massive impact on a whole cocktail of hormonal responses, which obviously not only effects the mental a...
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