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Replace your ‘partners in crime’ with true friends

Are you trying to lose weight, sustain a regular exercise routine, eat better food, or generally lead a healthier lifestyle? Are you relying on willpower to avoid temptations, form good habits or stop bad habits? As I've mentioned before in my blogs willpower is not an infinite resource, and therefore you need to employ other strategies to help you succeed in your wholesome objectives. One ...
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Insights into overeating, part 1

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Part 1 How do we stop ourselves from eating or drinking more when we know it would be best for our health or waistline if we didn’t? Willpower is not a limitless asset. It is not a very efficient tool for dealing with something that we do multiple times a day, such as eating. It has been described as “like a muscle that fatigues with continued exertion” (Baumeister 2012). Also, willpowe...
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Willpower! 💪🏼💥

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  Willpower. Some people have it in abundance, others crack at the slightest issue! Typically at this time of year, some of the New Years resolutions can be wavering, and the initial motivation that was shiny and bright, can be getting a little tarnished. So what's the answer? Is there a miracle cure to 'fix' it? What enables some people to keep a sustained, motivated appro...
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