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Lisa Harvey, BA(Hons), MSc, ACE.
Personal Space Founder

Lisa is passionate about helping people in their later years of life become or stay active and maintain their independence.

“It’s important to build a trusting relationship with my clients, and I like to get to know what motivates them and inspires them to move. I really enjoy discovering how improvements in fitness or mobility have helped them in their daily lives.”

Lisa has gained experience over the past 24 years working with clients suffering from various ailments such as multiple sclerosis, diabetes, chronic pain, hip and knee replacements, as well as helping people from teenagers up to the age of 90 improve well being and fitness or simply reduce pain.

Lisa has worked in health and fitness since 1990 after graduating with a BA Hons in Human Movement. She studied for a Masters in Exercise and Health Science and began personal training in 1993. She also gained The American Council on Exercise personal training qualification in which she re-certifies every two years by completing study hours and courses. Lisa sprinted competitively for 20 years, and now enjoys imparting relevant experience to clients wishing to increase running speed.

Stuart Dollery, BA(Hons).
Personal Space Founder
Stuart has worked within health and fitness since graduating with a BA (Honours) in Sport Studies in 1990. He has worked on both an employed and self-employed basis, as fitness instructor, fitness manager and personal trainer. Stuart has certifications in many areas relating to personal training and regularly attends conferences and workshops.

It was with more recent work that Stuart has fulfilled his ambitions. He spent four years assessing / verifying / lecturing and training instructors, in which time he and a colleague published a book – ‘The health and fitness handbook’.Stuart spent one year with the NHS, working as an exercise physiologist with the cardiac rehabilitation team, and this area is of great interest to him. 
Stuart has also, through his own interest, completed an NLP practitioner course, which has both enlightened and inspired him to look further into helping others to fulfil their aspirations. Stuart enjoys mountain biking and gym conditioning work, and spending time with his children – all four of them!His working availability is between 6.30 am and 9.30pm.

Julia Dalgleish - BA(Hons)
Personal Trainer
Julia is also owner of Chameleon Personal Training. She graduated with a Joint Honours degree in Physiology and Psychology form Cardiff University in 1992, then completed a further year of specialist study in Dance and Fitness in Bristol.
Since then Julia has worked as a freelance Dance and Studio Instructor within Bristol and Bath, full time gym Instructor, Programme Director and Fitness Manager for a private Health Club in Bristol and Cardiff and as Club Manager for 3 Corporate Fitness Centres in East Anglia.
Over the next 6 years, Julia then began lecturing, assessing and Internally Verifying potential and current Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers within the Fitness Industry, completing her employment as the Director of Training. Within this time she authored ‘The Health and Fitness Handbook’ alongside Stuart Dollery and played an active role in the writing, development and delivery of the current Advanced Personal Training and Special Populations Awards. Over this time Julia maintained an active Studio teaching role within the Industry and regularly attended conferences and training courses to stay abreast of new information.
Eager to return to the frontline she joined the team at Personal Space in 2003. Julia was part of the Welsh Womens Rugby squad but now spends time outside of work in the mountains and summited Mont Blanc in June 2003 with hopes to attain higher summits in the future.

Lisa Dollery
Pilates Instructor


Lisa has worked within the fitness industry since 1992. During this time she has been both employed and self-employed as an excercise-to-music teacher, gym instructor, and then pilates instructor.
Lisa has certifications in many health and excercise related areas, but it was after a serious back injury, and pregnancy, that she became interested in the pilates ‘method’.
After her training course through Michael King, she went on to master the techniques and teach in health clubs and village halls.
Lisa has direct referrals from osteopaths, chiropractors and physiotherapists, who all have faith in her skills and dedication to the ‘method’. She works with clients who have specific back conditions and those wanting general conditioning through pilates. Her special interest is in pre- and post-natal work. Lisa has four children, including twins, and continued to practise pilates through all her pregnancies.
Esther Verlaque, PBA(Hons).
Sports Massage Therapist

Esther is a trained, Level 3 (VTCT) sport massage therapist who has a background as a professional dancer. Esther gained Bachelor of Performing Arts Honours Degree in Contemporary Dance and uses this experience to impart knowledge and advice to her clients. She is passionate about understanding the client’s needs and catering the massage to help relive tension, stress and sporting injuries.

Ryan Warner
Personal Trainer

Ryan qualified with Premier Global as an Advanced Personal Trainer in 2009. Based on his years of experience in the industry Ryan can offer you effective and fun training sessions with proven results. Ryan has a passion for training people of all abilities and ensuring after each session you leave feeling healthier, happier and more confident.

“I am a great believer in basing training sessions around your goals and aspirations, to achieve your optimum performance. I believe that education is also at the forefront of any successful change in body composition. I am here to show you how to train smart and to educate you every step of the way to form life-long, positive lifestyle habits and apply continued progression, fitting around your daily routine.”

Ryan centres his programmes on resistance training, which is proven to promote improvements in fat loss, muscle definition (toning) and overall wellbeing for males and females. He also includes many other training principles, adapting to your unique needs. Ryan is an avid believer in nutrition being a fundamental part of any transformation. He is currently studying for level one in Sport and Exercise Nutrition with Precision Nutrition, so he can work with your dietary needs, giving you the best opportunity to maximise your results. Ryan has played to a semi-professional standard in football. He also has a keen interest for strength and resistance training, using this as the forefront of his own training.

Rowan Owen
Yoga Instructor

Rowan first discovered Yoga at her local studio, and it was her teacher that inspired her to go on to teach.

“Sunday mornings with my yoga teacher were a sanctuary filled with peace, tranquility and most importantly, self-care. Something I’d never experienced before, even from the abundant choice of exercise I was involved in.”
“Over the years my life, like anyones, had taken many up and downs but what I didn’t know was the low times were embedded in my heart. When my teacher suggested yoga teacher training I signed up and the next 8 months were the best investment of my life.  The last full weekend of training was learning the AIR flow – shoulder anatomy, back ends and heart openers. Well, it worked – like an onion has many layers, the layers of protection that had built up around my heart had finally been peeled away. I could move on with my life.”
“I started teaching several classes a week, sharing what I love about yoga with others. It isn’t just about bendy postures on your mat – that is just the tip of the iceberg…….”
Rowan continues further training, reading and practising yoga.
“After the first yogis practiced over 2,500 year ago, we are only just discovering the insurmountable benefits this moving mediation does to our soul.”
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