1 month off!!

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I’ve decided to come off social media for one month, as a trial.

I’ve been meaning to do it for a while, but I’ve gone and done it!

It shouldn’t be that hard, right?! 


Now…. it might seem ironic, seeing as I’m reporting about this directly on social media itself, but Lisa is posting this for me.

Why would I want to do this?

I don’t know about you, but whilst I feel there are many positives to social media, we cannot forget there are some negatives too.

What I do love is seeing and catching up with people, linking up, and communicating with others, that I might not see on a regular basis.

Sure, we feel good when we get a like or a positive comment, and it can be an extremely good way of networking……


It’s the down sides that concerns me. We might not even be aware of it, but for some it can quite a damaging platform.

I wanted to see how I felt NOT having social media,  and assess how I used the time NOT being on it, effectively.

On Sunday late evening I logged out of both Facebook and Instagram (I’m only on two) and went to sleep.

Day 1 – as soon as I wake up, I instinctively pick my phone up ready to check both platforms. Wow!

Do I need it that much?

It’s an engrained habit.

Obviously I don’t action, have a shower, get dressed and drop liv to college.

I get home and make a list of all those jobs I’ve been meaning to do. I start doing them!!
(This is novel!) 🤣

I feel good accomplishing them!

One of the reasons I decided to have a break from online land, was that I think it was affecting me negatively. I think both mentally and physically.

Both by spending too much time on it, and checking,  which was then minimising my movement and productivity.

I certainly don’t want to come across ‘preachy’ on any level, but I think it pays to be aware of its effects and consider how best social media use is for you personally.

I was recommended to watch the social dilemma on Netflix and regardless of how little or big your use is it pays to have knowledge on the psychology of how it’s all designed.

Yes there will be some that it’s all rosey for, but I wanted to raise awareness of the balance of time and the real life /online life.

Day 2 – I’m finding a more increased need to look at the news feed. I don’t think I’ve shown as much interest in a while! Is this displacement activity?


There does seem to be an urge to watch something, to know what’s happening ‘out there’.

In a move to improve use of time and feel more productive I’ve downloaded a book where the author talks through it. (“Think like a monk”  – Jay Shetty if you are interested- v g so far).

This feels like a better use of time than scrolling, in my opinion. I also have a little pile of books to get through too!

I’ll report more on my findings and observations next week.

Best wishes