10 of my best personal trainer life hacks!


As I’ve got older and a more experienced personal trainer, I’ve realised that you have to train smarter, not necessarily harder!

There are ways of getting results that mean you don’t have to train the most, the longest, or the most intensely, ALL the time!

You just need to know the life hacks that save time in the long run.

In homage to this, over the next 10 weeks I’m listing and explaining some of my best personal trainer life hacks, where you can get results by working smarter over harder!

With this in mind too, knowledge is power!

I hope to save you time by giving cutting edge information!

In no specific order;

#1 Find what works for you as an individual!

Such a simple concept but critical in your own health/fitness/nutrition self improvement plan.

You are bombarded with huge amounts of information through social media, papers, TV, magazines, blogs, advertising etc all highlighting your insecurities and telling you what you SHOULD be doing. Confusing right?

Damn right it is!!

What’s the answer?!

Experiment and find what works for YOU.
Try something for enough time to evoke a response.
Keep a log, of not only what you eat and drink, but how you move.
Log sleep quality and quantity.
Write down, as you go along, feelings thoughts and observations. Review.

Try one change and repeat process and adjust!

Learn from what you have done before! If you think about it, your body has given you clues as to what does or doesn’t work, with all your trials and tribulations.

Use these huge nuggets of information- they are your personal gold mine!

Your body can tell you what feels good or doesn’t!

Be in tune with your body!

I encourage clients to write down positive actions each day towards their goals. Focus on the positives and even if you feel you are ‘failing’ you are not because you are learning what doesn’t ‘work’ or suit you, at that moment!

Using what you know and learning what suits you, will save a lot of time in the long run!

Remember every day is a learning day!

Best wishes