My 11 week results from Ketogenic eating


Eleven weeks into my one year Ketogenic/Banting experiment (although I already feel it’s going to be a lifelong plan), I thought I’d report my findings so far for those that are interested in learning more about the process.

Here’s my main summary;

I’m very rarely hungry now- which is huge! When I had more carbs I was hungry a lot of the time and my mind was focused on my next meal. I’ve noticed if I am hungry, it’s generally what I call ‘head hunger’ or a trigger by seeing others eating other stuff. (So not biological hunger).

My go to treat is my wife’s granola – which is predominantly nuts and seeds in coconut oil which has a touch of maple syrup, with double cream.

Which brings me to my next point, that as a long term strategy, as the metabolic effect would say, don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. In other words whilst you want to keep on track, if you are too strict and unforgiving then it can set you up for failure. It’s about the long term cause and limiting the on/off, boom/bust approach.
In the scheme of things a few grammes of maple syrup won’t make me out of keto when balanced with other things.

I’ve bought a new belt which I’ve already had to make a new hole in. So this is an excellent marker to suggest waist measurement loss. I can also take trousers off without undoing the top button now. (Useful for a quick pee! 😆)

My mind is clearer and way less ‘foggy’. Sharper thinking and processing.

My general moods have been good overall – the odd spike- but I would say definitely better on this plan than ‘normal’ eating.

I do feel my overall health is improving but just to check I’ve booked a full blood spectrum test to see current status.

I occasionally get night calf cramps. This is an electrolyte imbalance (sodium/potassium/magnesium). I’ve just tried electrolyte tablets to readdress. (Zero tablets) and that did the trick. As my carbs are kept very low I’m not getting the right amount of electrolytes.

I did buy keto sticks, which you pee on to check ketone status, but I’m not using them much, as I found it frustrating when not in the right zone. I’ve decided that this plan is working for me on so many levels, that I’m getting improvements even when not strictly in the keto zone.

I find it quite easy to follow the plan food wise. Breakfast I either fast and have first meal at lunch. If I do have breakfast I’ll have full fat Greek yoghurt with some of the aforementioned granola, and occasionally a protein shake made with water and cream.

Lunch, I take a plastic lock box and make up a salad with mozzarella, cheddar cheese, and then add avocado, some protein and whatever salad items I fancy and sometimes cooked veggies.

Evening meal is adapted from whatever the rest of the family have. So if they have meat veg and potatoes il have that minus the potatoes and add an item to boost fat- avocado, cheese or make a creamy sauce.

You can see from the photographs that things are shifting and its still early days. That’s why I encourage clients to take pictures. Whilst I can feel very different, Photographs can be quite enlightening.

If you want to know my weight difference it’s 10kg in 11 weeks but as we all know it’s not about weight. I’m only doing this every 4-6 weeks to track.

The thing is with this plan is is very sustainable it gives me satiety and I love the foods. Whilst in truth I miss the odd treat especially when the family are eating it all in front of me I can have alternatives that appease.

I will report more over time and if you have any questions please ask!

Best wishes