2018, a year of lessons learnt….


Wow! Another year nearly over!

As my Grandad Tom once said;
“if you think it goes quick now boy, wait till you get to my age!” (He was late 80’s when he said this!)

A tough year personally, but there again we all have hard periods of time throughout our lives.

I haven’t said it before but these blogs are always written from my heart, and it concerned me that it might appear written from a self pity perspective. I can assure you that’s far from the truth.

I write it in this way in the hope that it allows you to understand and reflect from my perspective, as it shows what I truly feel.

With this in mind I share my personal thoughts…

So what have I learnt this year? (In no specific order)

I am a great believer that whatever comes up in life, whether good or bad, it’s there to teach us a lesson.
It wakes us up to things we have not been made aware of, and allows us to focus on what’s important.

That, for you to be effective at anything, you need to look after yourself first. Making time and planning ahead for personal care is imperative.

That whilst it’s nice to have physical things to make life easier and more pleasant, it means absolutely nothing compared to the love of another, and another’s love and respect for you.

That having written my fathers eulogy and arranged his funeral, I’ve realized I want to accomplish much more in life, and leave things of meaning, to be remembered by.

That life is comparatively short, and if you want to achieve anything, plan, and above all, action now.

That you have one life and one body, and they both need due care and attention.
In a weird way I have both punished and abused my body, and looked after and cared for it. It becomes increasingly important as you get older, to focus on the latter.

That wellness includes many aspects and not just the physical. As I’ve got older, I’ve realised my mental health care needs have increased more-so.

That effective sleep has a huge impact on my overall wellness, something I also notice in clients health too. Make an effort to improve yours and see and feel the difference!

That its imperative to let others know how you really feel about them, before it’s too late to do so.
Last month my mum had a consciousness test which proved she is not capable of making any decisions.
I used to look forwards to a raised eyebrow or a vocal noise that might have indicated some level of recognition or comprehension. There is now just a blank expression.
Luckily my mum knows how I feel about her, although theres still more I’d like to say.
I miss that unconditional love, that i realise now is extremely rare in my own circle.

That it’s important to find what works for you with your nutrition. There is never one sole pathway that ticks all the boxes. Be a detective and question everything. Ketogenic eating helped improve many aspects of my life and massively improve my body composition, but I don’t think it’s right for me to stay on it for life. Wait to see what I’m experimenting with in 2019!

That failing is good!
I still find myself frightened of failing but I’ve learnt that’s how you get on in life and succeed. TrIal and error!

That your gut biome has a huge impact on your overall wellbeing and brain health. Consider eating fermented foods and taking probiotics as standard.

Of how important it is to stage your life from a platform of gratefulness. I can’t overstate how much life can change when you focus on it from this way.

I’ve never taken life for granted, as it’s so precious, but I’ve realised more this year than any other year, that there’s always plenty to be grateful for.

Lastly, my sincere thanks for all the likes, comments and shares on the blogs over this year. Not only is it very much appreciated but from a business point of view, it helps to keep Personal Space towards the top of the google search engine pages. This obviously has a big impact on our online presence.

My last blog of 2018 is written in remembrance and love of my father, for his positivity and lessons he taught me throughout my life. He sadly passed away this year.
R.I.P Dad.
Colin Dollery (1937-2018)

I’d like to also honour my father in law Bob Boyd who sadly passed this year also.(1948-2018).
He will be remembered for his success in business, his football career, and the love for his grandchildren.