2020 success!

Normally on my last blog of the year I review all what’s been learnt, but with unprecedented times, I’ve decided to take a slightly different focus!

I wanted to finish this year on a high. With great difficulties for many this year, it makes this achievement even more incredible and inspiring.

This takes nothing away from all my other clients amazing achievements this year, and there have been many, but it merely highlights what perseverance and tenacity achieves.

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I’ve left Glen to answer these questions in his own words.


A. Can you explain who you are and what you do?

A.    I am Glen Morgan and I run 2 professional services companies.

Q.   What made you join Personal Space

A.   My wife made contact after the birth of our first child some 13 years ago as she wanted to lose weight. She met Stuart who helped her get back in shape this time but also again after our second child. Then also following an operation so she has seen him on and off throughout this time.

I first saw Stuart some time after that but in September 2018 I decided after years of inactivity I really needed to shed the weight and regain my fitness.
I had piled on 5 stone and gone from being able to run half marathons to doing little or no exercise at all.

Q.  What were your goals?

A.  To lose weight and get fit again, whilst getting back to being able to run a decent distance.

Q.  Explain what you learnt from going through the process of getting into better health and shape?

A.  I learned to treat food as a fuel, think about what I was eating more, and that doing something nearly every day was easy, once the habit was formed.

Q.  What have you done exercise wise?

A. I started with 6 half hour sessions per week Monday to Saturday with Sunday as a rest day and each of these session would be varied from Cardio, Weights, intervals, Met Chains and Resistance work.
After a while and once my fitness level improved I ran myself on Monday’s(shorter run) and Saturday(longer run) and now see Stuart 4 times per week Tuesday-Friday but still with the same variety of sessions each week.
As my fitness level has increased further I have also added in running to and from my sessions which is just under 4km in total and takes about 11-12 minutes each way so acts as my warm up and a further hit one I have completed my session.

Q.  How have you adjusted your diet?

A.   I had tried several things over the years usually with an aim of rapid weight loss, things like the Metabolic effect and the Atkins Diet but although initial results were good, they were not sustainable over a longer period, and I would inevitably put weight back on and often get even bigger.
For the last 2 and a bit years I have followed weight watchers and logged all food via the App which allows you to eat a balanced diet and know each day what you can and can’t have.
This has really worked for me although I still allow myself Saturdays, Family holidays, Weekends away and other breaks, to eat what I want without logging points.
The strange thing is that over time, what I want has improved also as I don’t think of every meal having to be a treat and more often than not I will choose something healthy as I prefer it, especially if you have worked hard on your fitness all week, it makes you far more reluctant to blow it all.

Q.  What tips can you give people who have similar goals?

A.   Take one day at a time and go to bed each night knowing you are moving towards your goals and not further away from them.
It is not productive to think of the total amount you have to lose or the vast improvement you might want to see in your fitness. It is much easier to give yourself small achievable weekly targets and any week in which you lose weight or improve your fitness is a step in the right direction.
Quick wins don’t work in the long run and just saying you will do something for a short while doesn’t either, it’s about changing your attitude and routine.
3-4 weeks of achieving smaller goals gets you into a winning habit and gives you the confidence to keep going, it’s as simple as that as humans are creatures of habit, you just sometimes have to force good ones into your routine.

Q.   What have you noticed in day to day life from making these changes.

A.    I am fitter and stronger. I like how I look in clothes, I have more energy for work and social(when that’s actually allowed again)
The strangest thing is that I struggle to properly wake up in the morning, on the days I don’t exercise, as it has become such an integral part of my day.

Q.   Any last comments or suggestions

A.   If I can do this then anyone can.
I gave up smoking in my mid-twenties and even since then( I am now 46) I have struggled with my weight where I have most definitely been a Yoyo Dieter, always looking for the quick fix and never really finding it.
Stuart has not only given me great workouts but the help, support and encouragement I needed to succeed and has acting as my sounding board throughout this journey.
I am now 100% confident I can stay this size and at this fitness level for many years to come, the first time in my adult life I can say that.

He is different from the stereotypical trainer as there is no shouting or hard-line tactics, it’s all about encouragement and belief.
He is just simply a really nice bloke, so much so that I also consider him my friend.

Thank you SO much Glen for your kind words. I hope you will join me in congratulating him on his incredible journey and all he has learnt and applied. I’m more than happy that he has learnt his own way of sustaining his incredible achievements.
And here’s one of the key elements- finding your own pathway, trying different ways and finding what works for YOU.

Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous new year!

Best wishes