6 month ketogenic review




I thought I’d just write another update and my learning from the ketogenic eating plan, intermittent fasting, and HIT training, 6 months in!

Briefly my learning so far;

– body fat and circumference diminished substantially
– Overall body weight down 15kg
– Better overall energy
– Much better overall wellness
– Side effects occasional night time cramping and disturbed sleep, but helped with magnesium supplementation.
– It pays to mix up the eating so my holiday for instance I upped the exercise, upped the eating, did no fasting and had more carbs and came back off holiday trimmer (and lighter).
– I believe also more rest, sleep and recovery helped overall. (Less stress hormones)
– Back off holiday I’m back to 2-3 meals a day and back into ‘normal’ routine. Keeping my eating window smaller where possible.
– I have had plateaus of change, so the change of eating and exercise helped move things on
– I have lost ‘weight’ and bodyfat quicker before, but put it back on after finishing the ‘challenges’ – this now is my lifestyle, not a phase.
– I’m quite shocked/amazed/disappointed how I look in the first picture but realise my health and wellness, are not being as jeopardised by heading more into the second picture. I am NOT going back to the first picture EVER.

Ive had my 70 point blood test results back also and will report soon.

Back to my PT life hacks next week!

Best wishes