7 yoga poses for flexibility and joint stability – love them!

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Yoga poses for flexibility and joint stability – love them!

Of course, use caution with these poses, especially if you haven’t done any yoga before.

My favourites are Downward facing Dog, as it feels like a great strengthener for the shoulders while stretching the hamstrings, and the twisting crescent stretch. We most often exercise in the sagittal plane ( forward and backward movements ) and possibly neglect the transverse plane      ( rotation ) and frontal plane (sideways movements ). So, any rotational and lateral moves are great for pushing the body where it doesn’t get pushed enough during structured exercise.  In daily activity we do move into these other planes regularly, such as when picking up objects off the ground to one side, turning around in the car while reversing, or reaching up to one side to place something on a high shelf. Increased range of motion in the three planes is therefore very beneficial to our daily lives.

Click here to see the poses. Have fun!

Lisa 🙂