The Rollercoaster of life!

I was reading a post the other day from a personal trainer & it really made me LOL – he called PT’s the Chicken & Broccoli brigade!! It struck a chord with me because quite often you will see posts on super clean eating & how they ‘smashed’ their workout & that they now cannot walk properly!

It got me thinking that for a some people they will absolutely lap this up & keep going back for more but for others its a complete turn off. It perpetuates the myth that you have to eat super clean ALL the time & literally kill yourself every single workout! Whilst there are advocates of this that do very well on it, for as many people it inspires I’d bet there’d be many more it turns off. You could imagine them thinking that it is so far removed from what they are doing. that it’s unattainable, unrealistic & is it worth even trying?
I was talking to one of the other trainers at Personal Space this morning & she is going to be doing a seminar on attracting the inactive into being active. The fact is we are still woefully short on encouraging the population to do enough activity to make a difference & to eat a healthy balanced diet. For the population at large it’s very confusing because of the misinformation & media skewed developing research that can focus on one aspect, only part of the issue or even just straight out lie!
I think the other factor is, people naturally want a way – one way to fix or do something, a one size fits all – we are all different – it’s never going to work the same on all people- there’s just too many interelating factors.
On the basis of all of this I’ve decided to keep my blogs more ‘real’. I had some great feedback from my last blog & it obviously struck a chord with many of you, thank you so much for the lovely messages.
So I’ve decided I’m going to be writing straight from the heart on my own life as a personal trainer, both business & personal & my reflections on what I’ve learnt over a whole year.
I really hope to share my knowledge on many topics & help you learn & understand as I reflect on my life. I would love for you join my journey & progress with me throughout in my weekly blog- the ups, the downs, the good & the bad!
My goal is to get into better shape physically & mentally & in doing so help you with plenty of ideas towards your own physical & mental wellbeing.
I will be sharing methods of training that I use, dietary manipulation, lifestyle, & I will report back each week on my own progress.
If I’m honest I’m currently a bit disappointed with myself, as over the last 9 months I’ve noticed the body composition improvements that I made, regressing a little- I relaxed and took my eye off the ball- easily done but annoying nonetheless! It’s that slow process that kinda creeps up on you. Grrrr!
I’m not going to let that happen any longer & I need to get my focus back on.
This was another reason that I decided to report on the year.


Training clients over many years has made me realise that most clients want to live life by including foods they like, not by excluding then craving & extreme dieting & deprivation. The diet industry tends to prevale a boom or bust mentality – either totally ‘on it’ or totally off it. Super strict with no ‘treats’ & exercising madly or very little exercise & over eating. I too have been caught up in this boom or bust mentality.
At the conference I recently went to, one of the speakers (jillfit on facebook) talks about #moderation365. She talks away from eating junk foods then restricting & overexercising to compensate, to ‘allowing’ some foods that are important to you but not overindulging. It’s a fine balance & takes practice, but I will share some of the strategies to assist you in this mindful process.
So, with that talk of ups & downs & lifes twists & turns I look forwards to ¬†you joining me to get ready for that year long, mega exciting, rollercoaster ride of life! (Don’t worry, not the smiler at Alton Towers!) 😊