The 80/20 Rule!

If you, like many, have set yourself new years resolutions or simply goals/aspirations for the year ahead, how are you doing?
Have you stuck to it religiously?
Have you had some ups & downs or struggles?
I would love to hear from anybody going through this right now! Please share- as they say a trouble shared is a trouble halved!
The thing is changing behaviour, for long term, is not easy. It is do-able but not plain sailing, and to be honest really anything worth doing shouldn’t be that easy, should it?!
So where does the 80/20 rule come in?
It basically says if you are doing it right 80% of the time you are doing bloomin’ good!!
We can be a little hard on ourselves when trying to achieve something – we do not have to be perfection all the time. We are human, we make mistakes, we hopefully learn from them & we move forwards!! (Even if there is a few sideswipes!)
There is a great analogy of going on a long car journey & some way into the journey you have a flat tyre. What do you do?
Do you think that’s it, journey over, let’s go home?
NOPE! You fix it yourself (or get assistance!) get the spare or get it replaced & carry on your journey!
So even with a few setbacks, and getting a few bits wrong (20%) you CAN still achieve what you want.
Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself to take control.