9 ways to combat the winter blues

Combat the winter blues ….

Luckily, I am not feeling depressed about this winter greyness, but I could be forgiven for feeling so. I do feel a dullness of spirit each dark, wet morning, when opening the curtains, but as soon as I am up and moving about, aiming to keep active through the day, I do feel more upbeat. What can we do to make ourselves feel more vital and contented during the shorter days of winter?

I like this short article from ACE Fitness, which offers some good mood enhancing ideas.

One of my clients uses a light box every day, which is designed to help reduce symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder, and swears it has made a positive impact on her mood. She uses it for 30 minutes every day.

Complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and oats are purported to raise serotonin levels in the body, leading to improved mood.

Of course, one of my favourite ways to feel happier is exercise or activity, and it certainly is a magic pill on that front. Even forcing yourself into 1/2 hour of busy housework can lift your mood, especially when you can admire your handiwork at the end, and feel virtuous into the bargain.

My current strategy for feeling good? Watching the Six Nations rugby matches with physical movement every break time to assuage my guilt at sitting still.

Be happy, Lisa 🙂