A break from the norm….

This week I have been discussing with a number of clients the phenomenon of plateauing. 

Sometimes the body can get used to what you throw at it- both exercise and food wise. 

As frustrating as it can appear, doing the same thing all the time and expecting change all the time, especially consistently, is not realistic.

In fat loss focus, this is called adaptive thermogenesis, which simply means a slowing down of metabolism in reaction to what you’ve been doing.

I have one particular client at the moment who has radically changed his body composition and is looking great. Alongside this, he has lost over 4 stone in body weight!

Without discussing fat vs muscle difference here, that loss of overall mass  means he’s not carrying that weight around anymore.

Naturally your metabolic needs will drop. 

Ideally we want to keep as much muscle and reduce overall fat mass.

Muscle does weigh heavier than fat equivalent mass, but more importantly it’s more metabolically active.

Each pound of lean tissue burns between 30-50 calories, without doing anything!! (Not forgetting the importance of keeping strong and functionally fit). 

So you can see the importance of keeping muscle weight as opposed to fat weight. 

If you are carrying a good amount of muscle yes you will weigh heavier, but that’s where the importance of getting rid of the scales and focus on body measurement and photos, comes.

If you feel your gains are slowing – mix it up! 

  • Go outdoors instead of in.
  • try changing exercise intensity 
  • Change duration 
  • Play with frequency 
  • Change the weights vs cardio ratio 
  • Bring a higher calorie day in occasionally 
  • Try occasional fasting 
  • Try free weights instead of machines
  • Bring in interval training 
  • Change your repetitions or sets 
  • Get a training partner 
  • Use advanced techniques of rest pause, or supersets, it giant sets
  • Monitor intensity using heart rate 

Just trying something different can evoke change and increase motivation. 

Try it today! 

Best wishes