A Helping hand…..

Short & sweet this week (just like me 😄)!

This week I got a feeling that somewhere out there, people needed some help & encouragement. So this is for those that are following a healthy lifestyle regime & having difficulties.


Remember it’s the journey, not the end result, & that one slip does not make a fall,


That no matter how small improvements are, its still an improvement,


That ‘weight’ is very transient and varies through the day- take pictures & measurements to see other changes,


Take each day as it comes, each one is fresh new start,


Never make any longer term decisions when you are over tired & not yourself,
Speak to somebody close, a trouble halved is a trouble shared,


If you don’t feel like exercising go for a walk in nature instead,


That downtime can be as important as up,


That quality sleep can be a great cure for lots of ailments,


That one off plan meal does not mean catastrophe,


keep going & believe in yourself


If things aren’t going your way change something


Be kind to yourself, because YOU matter.


Have an amazing week!

Best wishes