A legacy….

Well, a hugely emotional week for me (and many others) this week as we finally put my mum to rest. 

It’s a strange thing grief. On one hand I feel profound sadness, and yet also personally a huge release.

My mum is finally at peace and no longer has to suffer with the consequences of having Alzeimers. I just can’t tell you how abhorrent this disease is, in totally destroying the one you love, and then consequently severely affecting all those around. 

My mum loved life and people in equal measures. I am proud to say that I managed to say all I wanted to say at the funeral, that I felt encapsulated her. 

The sad thing was it wasn’t until I looked back at all the photos, that I remembered just how much fun and laughter she brought to all around. 

I’ve had a lot of lovely messages regaling lots of memories from mum being her true selfless self. A fun, life loving, naughty sense of humour woman, who would do anything for anybody. 

And that’s how she needs to be remembered. Not the Alzeimers mum. 

I always try and make sense of life’s twists and turns, to try and understand what the life lessons are from this whole experience. For I truly believe that amongst all this negativity, there can be positivity.

I think that’s why I will always treasure life, because mum did. 

It makes sense to me why this is so close to my heart now, as it was so close to my mums. 

One of my lovely work mates of old put it beautifully in perspective saying that mums legacy carries on in me and also my children. 

I think that’s a wonderful way of looking at it because it means her spirit carries on and is able to touch others. 

The other thing that will happen from now on with my blogs is that I will bring about more education and learning in lots of new areas.

My thoughts and focus have been so all consuming on my mum, that I’m afraid I’ve felt compelled to write about it. 

I hope it’s managed to help some people but I want to bring about more positivity and change. 

As a legacy to both my mum and dad I will be writing a book about understanding Alzeimers and also how to maximise your health to reduce the chances of getting it. 

I hope it will be both therapeutic and hopefully enlightening to help others.  

This ties in nicely to mums love for life and wanting to help others.

Here’s to much more positivity, joy, and making the best of life and being truly grateful for it’s true gift! 

Here’s to you mum! 

Be at peace now with the love of your life, your dear husband and my lovely dad.

Until next week 

Best wishes