A lesson from mum…

A much needed injection of positivity is needed this week I feel. 

I always try, and mostly succeed, in looking at the good, rather than the bad.

I’ve realised, even though it’s such a simple thing,  it actually has huge effects on mental status and wellness.

It’s not ignoring the negative aspects but merely recognising life lessons learnt, and being grateful for life, with all its amazing twists and turns. 

With my mums passing I’ve been looking back at photographs and realising just how much fun and naughtiness she brought to the family. 

She too had her ups and downs, but I think the true lows made her want better times and truly appreciate when life was good. 

Mum cared dearly for her closest and knew exactly what it felt like to hit rock bottom and therefore tried her hardest to make people feel good and injected fun wherever possible. 

So here’s to remembering the beautiful, selfless soul, who brought fun wherever she went, and to the life lesson it brings to us. 

That we all have ups and downs, but we should recognise and appreciate the good, be truly grateful for all of our treasured lives, remember others, and try and understand just what they might be going through, despite appearances.

Here’s to you mum! ♥️

(Diana Dollery 30/10/1942-01/11/2019)