A picture paints a thousand words!

image imageWell, I thought I’d show you a couple of pictures from two of my most recent success stories.
Importantly, these results were both within a 6 month period, & both have gone on to gain further body composition improvements, looking & feel loads better. Perhaps even more importantly they have gained a valuable incite into what ‘works’ for them & they’ve gone ‘detective’ & found long term solutions to maintain this!

The key elements of this is through the principles of metabolic effect & understanding how, amongst many other things, your own unique hormonal response can be manipulated to allow the body to use fat as fuel.
One common approach to losing ‘weight’- and lets face facts we don’t want that to be muscle weight but fat weight- is to ramp up the activity & then cut calories to the bone. Whilst this can work in the short term, quite often, after the achieved goal or when you have lost focus, that weight goes back on, but now more as fat & with reduced muscle mass- exactly what you don’t want. (Remember more muscle = more calories burnt naturally).
So what’s the answer?!
The suggestion is, after many trials through metabolic clinics, is to manipulate variables of eat less but exercise less & eat more but exercise more. Quite different to the norm hey?!
What I must emphasise is that there are many different variables to adjust within this & neither Dan or Eliza had any major metabolic issues/conditions that could complicate factors.
I will add more to the equation over the next few blogs & look at what dietary & exercise variables are manipulated to bring about the desired effect.
If you want to understand more about this or to go through the process yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Best wishes & a very happy Easter!