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Ah, spring is starting to rear its beautiful head from the depths of its slumber!
I’ve already starting to feel brighter and breezier from the early days of a slightly warmer climate, together with the sight of blue skies and white puffy clouds!

Spring, to me, suggests a new fresh path to tread, a bringing about of action. Of course you can action anything, at any time, but to me it actively shouts out- c’mon let’s get cracking!

I’ve already started creating an action, ‘to do’ list which always makes me feel more organised, but a mere list, without follow through, is meaningless.

Are you a list maker?

Do you procrastinate?

Is there stuff you keep meaning to do, but still haven’t got around to it?


A list, with an order of importance, is of course a good start, but it’s about getting the job done, and the only way to do that is to actually start.

When I have an initial consultation with a new client or I’m helping set new goals with existing client, we will look for barriers together that might get in the way of achieving these. It could be something simple like work projects/commitments, or something about them as a person thats holds them back.

Together, we think of strategies to overcome these issues, plan ahead, and have a concrete way of tackling them.

So for instance with a recent client she had a period of working away, (this could equally be a holiday too), which can signal both a change of routine in exercise and eating.

So what we did was look ahead at the hotel menus, discuss strategies for an eating plan, designed a programme around the hotel gym, & a planned no kit hotel room workout as an added arsenal!

So a big part of action is not just the initial prioritised list, but pre planning, barrier breaking,  and just doing something to help the cause.

The run you’ve been putting off?

Just walk/run it!

The healthier eating you’ve been putting off?

Just try adjusting one thing or a few meals to get going?


I heartily encourage you to start taking action!


If you don’t feel ready, just do something towards your goal to get going!


More often than not, it really isn’t as bad as previously visualised!!


Just one small step towards feeling better for your mind and body!

Best wishes


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