Age is just a number ….


When I rang my Mum and Dad yesterday evening it took longer than usual for an answer, and I was about to put the phone down when my Mum answered, panting. I felt guilty for getting her out of her chair, as she is ninety now, but she said it was okay as she’s just been doing her weight training and hence was out of breath. The day before she had cycled on the turbo trainer in the garage, on her old Claude Butler bike, for 15 minutes.

Now, I am impressed with her commitment to exercise, but it pales next to eighty three year old Kenneth Jones’ London marathon run this weekend in six hours forty one minutes, thirty nine seconds. He was the oldest runner, with eighty two year old Alan Dudney being the second oldest, finishing just eighteen seconds behind Kenneth. What a pair of wonderfully inspiring gents. Apparently Kenneth says that the key to his age-defying success is rather predictably keeping away from alcohol, cigarettes and overeating, and he adds “I’m always keeping healthy, going out for walks and gardening.” I bet he has done a fair amount of running as well!

Well done to the oldest runners, and may they fire us up to keep being active throughout our lives. The joy of movement will be lost if we don’t.

(Well done Mum as well)

Lisa 🙂