Ageing – it’s normal!

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While running on Saturday I thought how difficult it is to accept the fact that I cannot run as fast as I could a year or two ago. I’ve been thinking for a while ‘why does running always feel so hard?’ and ‘there must be something wrong with me’. My husband says, ‘it’s probably that you’re just getting older’. Mm, yes, thanks.

It’s true though, that senescence (the process of deterioration with age) is inescapable and that all aspects of our biological and psychological functioning decline as we age. People age at different rates and factors that effect that rate are genetics (can’t do anything about that one), nutrition, stress, smoking and physical activity. There is compelling evidence that physically active individuals can minimise or reverse the declines associated with age.

Obviously I agree with that, and will always encourage everyone to continue with as much exercise as they can manage, as it’s pure medicine. I just need to remember for myself that exercise performance must deteriorate to some degree over the years, no matter how hard I try. Get used to running slower! I can do it.

I think I just need to be realistic – I’m ageing, I must get used to it!

Lisa 🙂