Amazing clients!

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All my clients are amazing of course, and I love spending time with them all. I take inspiration from them in all sorts of ways.

Now I have a new client who is inspiring because of her dedication to exercise in the face of heart-breaking loss. Her husband died last month in only his late thirties of a lung condition. Now she is training to cycle 100km this weekend to raise money for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis charity, having only started cycling in March this year. She also began running in October last year and is running a 1/2 marathon next month, as well as a duathlon (5k run, 18k cycle, 5k run). What physical endurance that takes! as well as immense mental focus, courage and fighting spirit!

Good luck this weekend JH and thank you for asking me to help you with strength development, and for inspiring me to get back into my regular running right now.

Until next week,

Lisa 🙂