Anti boom bust! 💥


Whilst I like and enjoy social media, it is a double edged sword. I love it for keeping in contact with friends and family and for keeping abreast of what exciting things people are doing.

At its best, it can be supportive & nurturing, at its worst it’s a time robber that can get you questioning yourself and others.

You have to accept and take it for what it is.
I think as long as you understand the rules and accept that it’s a minor snapshot of what people want you to see (or believe) then it’s fine.

One thing I see a lot of from differing sources that
I’ve linked up with, are get in shape quick challenges.

Now I’ve been through a number of these (and even won one) and it was definitely a real motivator for me. I do think as humans we mostly work well under a level of pressure (within reason) but what happens after?

I will put my hands up and say that old ways do and have crept back over time previously, and ever so slowly you can go back to as you were before, and possible worse!

I’ve learnt over this year that for me personally a long term sustainable approach is the ONLY way to go. It’s anti boom bust!

It depends on you as a person, and your personality traits, as to how best to approach your goals.

I’ve had some clients, that boom-bust, is all they’ve known, but some have cracked it. It takes effort and tenacity, but it is possible.

I have noticed with my clients over the years that they predominantly work better with something to work for – be it a challenge, a future date, a wedding, event or party.

It can create a sense of urgency which focuses the mind and body, BUT, rather than yo yoing forwards and back (which is not great from a health/wellness perspective) it can definitely be better planning a long term strategy that’s both sustainable and realistic.

My current ketogenic eating plan and exercise plan for instance is helping me to work a long term strategy (with adjustments).

For me much lower carbohydrates suits me.

The short high intensity exercise early morning sessions suit to make me feel better and raise the metabolism.

The resistance training is perfect for long term development of muscle mass, bone loading and daily function.

So what I’m saying here is, IMO is that it’s about finding your pathway of both eating and exercise thats both realistic and sustainable, that in the long run is better overall for mind, body and soul.

It needs to be a way of life, rather than a should do.

Best wishes