Appreciation of life!


Life. It can bring about many twists and turns. We shouldn’t be surprised really, as it’s these events, whether good or bad, that wake us up, and appreciate life just that little bit more, than we did before.

The very sad passing of my father in law just recently, is case in point.

Of course, with our busy lives, we often can take life for granted, and get bogged down in the nitty gritty, of day to day work.

My point here, is that life is precious. Really precious.

Not only do we take it for granted, but we don’t always tell those around us how we are feeling, and what they mean to us.

Why wait to let that special person know or even leave it too late to let them know – tell them now!

Appreciate each person for the amazing individual they are. We are all different, have unique skills, personality and traits, and we should be applauded for this.

I implore you, to rather than just think it, say it to that special person and those around you- today!

I hasten to add, that perhaps when you think that person should really know how you feel, that they might not really know.

Even if they did know, deep down, what it does is reaffirms, comforts and supports that special person. I find whenever I do it , it also makes me feel good inside too!

So with our ever busy lives, make sure you make time to really appreciate those around you, that have made time for you.

This blog is written in memory of my father in law, the positive difference he made in this world, the love for his family and for all the good memories.

RIP Mr Robert (Bob) Boyd 1947-2018